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The Cursed Review: Period Horror With Bite


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By Matthew Jackson/Feb. 17, 2022 3: 33 pm EST

Werewolves, like vampires, are astonishingly versatile movie monsters when given the supreme framing. They can support as metaphors for ferocious childhood (“Ginger Snaps”), satirical journeys into new age movements (“The Howling”), and even the feeling of being a stranger in a odd land (“An American Werewolf in London”). Despite that versatility, even supposing, for some werewolf fans, it all goes encourage to the fashioned, “Wolf Man”-vogue opt of the Golden Age of monster movies, to reports of curses and undesirable transformations and doomed males in over their heads.

“The Cursed” seems to be to lean straight into this version of werewolf lore, and the movie’s distributor even modified the title (when it debuted at Sundance 2021, it used to be identified as “Eight for Silver”) to guage that. Whenever you occur to’re attempting to rep a traditional cinematic opt on the subgenre, the movie’s opening act seems to be to present you precisely what you’d ask: A length atmosphere, a community of superstitious Romani nomads, and the unsuspecting white males who plunge prey to a creature they by no arrangement survey coming. Because the movie goes on, even supposing, “The Cursed” finds itself to be a shining twist on these former substances, rather than every other movie attempting to practice the identical playbook. The consequences are mixed, but when author/director Sean Ellis digs deep into his vogue riffs and apprehension-laced ambiance, “The Cursed” no doubt works as a up to the moment opt on some very inclined werewolf tropes.

Revenge has teeth

In 19th century England, affluent landowner Seamus Laurent (Alistair Petrie) is on the hunt for a new acquisition, but there’s something standing in his arrangement. A community of Romani other folks continue to exist the land he and his associates prefer for themselves, and it seems to be they could have an actual claim to the territory. To fight this, Laurent chooses essentially the most brutal retaliation conceivable, making an example of the Romani and atmosphere fire to their camp. As you are going to need already guessed, even supposing, he’s messing with the dangerous other folks, and quickly Laurent and his family are going thru a dreadful curse that takes the originate of a monster roaming the land he took by power, a monster that threatens to bask in everybody he loves.

Perfect away, the major attraction of “The Cursed” emerges from this setup, as Ellis takes something very familiar to any werewolf movie fan and begins to slowly, methodically, twist it into something else. It begins with the classic originate of the curse itself, as the movie finds the monster element at play here is now not a creature, now not now not up to at the birth, but as a change a pair of magical silver teeth which appear to have the skill to infect needs and, in the extinguish, infect our bodies. With that piece of mythology in diagram, Ellis then introduces every other key element: John McBride (Boyd Holbrook), a pathologist who’s been on the path of the curse ever since a tragedy claimed people of his family, and believes he will be ready to in the extinguish cease the carnage with the Laurents. That is, if truth be told, if Seamus ever sees what his wife Isabelle (Kelly Reilly) sees, and essentially begins to assume McBride’s principle.

Uneven bite

As all of its region substances switch into diagram, “The Cursed” builds a gargantuan amount of scare promise, first by setting up the title curse as an act of revenge in opposition to affluent white landowners, and then by giving the creatures at the center of the anecdote their very have Van Helsing in McBride and his non-public vendetta. There’s a lot to work with internal of those minute tweaks to the classical werewolf movie story, and Ellis and company attain their exact to wring as noteworthy juice out of it as they are able to. It helps that Holbrook seems to be to dawdle correct into the characteristic of McBride, carrying the personality’s peril and roam with equal deftness, and it helps that the movie’s manufacturing originate, costuming, and cinematography all upward push to the task of delivering length werewolf apprehension.

It moreover helps that the potentialities the movie takes don’t cease with the setup. Whereas its mythology and its pacing are firmly rooted in werewolf movie conference, “The Cursed” takes a decided means when it involves creature originate, giving us a monster that’s each and each reminiscent enough of a werewolf to work at some level of the framework and totally different enough to face on its have when it in the extinguish emerges as an adversary for the human characters. Beyond that, even supposing, Ellis works in a visually dynamic, totally different opt on the everyday transformation sequence that’s each and each undeniably creepy and a form of portraying the curse as something more infectious and much less magical than a more former werewolf commerce. These explicit visible picks attain to a head in a single spectacularly gruesome autopsy sequence, as McBride finds that the curse does higher than simply manufacture other folks into monsters, imbuing the movie with elevated emotional stakes towards.

Unfortunately, for all its success in setting up ambiance and rendering some memorable scare sequences, “The Cursed” is now not firing on all cylinders at all instances. When the human violence is at the forefront of the scare, the visible outcomes work with visceral effectivity, but the identical isn’t continually correct when the creature is onscreen. The computer-generated monster stare is most steadily jarring, in particular when contrasted with the pictures in which the creature no doubt does opt up to exist as an unbelievable piece of originate. The creature sequences themselves, exterior of the stare of the beast, moreover are likely to determine on up now not now not up to quite repetitive when it involves the pacing and the nature of the attacks. For a movie that’s so intent on occurring its have arrangement, regularly very successfully, it gets quite speed-of-the-mill when the genuine meat of the creature substances are fascinating.

That said, “The Cursed” aloof lands more blows than it misses in phrases of sheer scare ambiance and monster movie fun. There are underwhelming moments, and most steadily the movie loses momentum by entering into its have arrangement, but by the level the emotional arc of the movie reaches its conclusion, that doesn’t subject as noteworthy as what “The Cursed” has managed to attain. It’s an evocative, regularly stunning, riff on the werewolf subgenre, and deserves quite so a lot of consideration for its ambitious means to with out a doubt one of scare’s exact monsters.

“The Cursed” opens in theaters February 18.

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