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The CSI Character Everyone Forgets Channing Tatum Played

On the Season 3 “CSI: Miami” episode “Pro Per,” aired on September 27, 2004, the Miami CSI group led by Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) is faced with the case of a lady gunned down by an unknown shooter right thru a beachside birthday celebration. As they pursue the leads on the case, they lastly gain themselves aboard the boat from which the shooter opened fireside.

There, they gain Bob Davenport, an aspiring white rapper who claims to have stumbled on the boat abandoned and availed himself of it after the entirety had gone down. And, in a pitch-estimable act of casting for a white rapper in 2004, Davenport is conducted by a recent-faced, 24-yr-outdated Channing Tatum.

Curiously, this might perchance occasionally appear to have been the exclusively TV role that Channing Tatum — who started out as a dancer and mannequin — conducted in his pre-movie stardom days. Not exclusively became once it his camouflage acting debut outdoor of tune movies and commercials (by map of IMDb), nonetheless arguably, his subsequent predominant TV appearance exclusively came eight years later. He became once the host of the February 4, 2012, episode of “Saturday Night Reside,” and within the meanwhile, he became once already world-eminent for his movie roles. Gadgets-turned-actors surely compose have a tendency to have a foot within the door and a clear occupation trajectory than most, moreover, it clear became once moderately the meteoric upward push for Tatum.

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