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The Creepiest Unsub In Criminal Minds Season 4

Season 4’s “A Colour of Gray” introduced “Prison Minds” viewers to a kid named Danny Murphy (Kendall Ryan Sanders): a 9-year-aged boy who has an affinity for building mannequin planes and quite a lot of times flies into suits of rage. One evening, on the opposite hand, his unchecked anger factors resulted in the demise of his youthful brother, Kyle (Robbie Tucker), who had by chance damaged thought to be one of Danny’s planes. Horrified about shedding Danny so soon after he killed Kyle, his fogeys tried to trick investigators into thinking he had nothing to attain with it, nonetheless they indirectly failed.

“Prison Minds” Season 4 showcased a wide quantity of worrisome unsubs, nonetheless Danny Murphy takes the cake. Now not best is there something inherently unsettling a pair of baby killer, nonetheless his chilly indifference towards murdering Kyle adds a layer of creepiness that’s no longer possible to brush aside. To no longer dispute, the indisputable fact that he suffocated his youthful brother to demise with damaged plane aspects best proves beyond a doubt that he didn’t abolish Kyle unintentionally. Imagine what he could presumably perchance’ve long gone on to attain as a grown grownup had he no longer gotten caught.

Murphy left such an impression on the “Prison Minds” fandom that a handful of Redditors even brought him up in a thread about the scariest unsubs. “I feel the IDEA of that one kid that kills his brother with thought to be one of his toys is horrifying,” wrote IsMyNameGage, with Ajade77 including, “That one BREAKS my heart bc it is miles horrifying what that kid could presumably perchance develop into and he regarded as if it would reside a silent factual lifestyles, unlike most other unsubs that grew up horribly.”

Danny Murphy could presumably perchance no longer be the most memorable or bodily imposing unsub in “Prison Minds” history, though his actions and demeanor in “A Colour of Gray” made him arguably the scariest of Season 4.

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