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The Chicago P.D. Season 9 Storyline Fans Agree Makes No Sense

As longtime viewers of “Chicago P.D.” are effectively awake, by the series’ ninth season, detective Hailey Upton and her boss Sgt. Hank Voight were harboring a depressed secret relating assist to 1 amongst their more anxious cases. As it appears, Upton is in fee for killing human trafficker Roy Walton (Michael Maize), and Voight therefore helps her quilt it up. However when Hailey appears to be overly shaken by this series of events in Season 9, Episode 3, “The One Next to Me,” followers discovered her reaction exhausting to swallow.

Commenting in a Reddit thread discussing the episode, u/Odd_Inevitable_3932 complained, “I’m so pissed off with this Hailey storyline … she’s having a psychological breakdown because a significantly faulty dude, who killed [and] trafficked ladies folk, bought his comeuppance … It true is unnecessary.” Redditor u/ba447ar felt the same formulation, questioning how Upton’s psychological deliver was as soon as introduced: “I fully agree … My field with Hailey’s storyline is that they are making it seem love she killed the guy for no motive, in frigid blood … in my eyes killing Roy was as soon as justified to offer protection to her and Voight.” 

But any other fan, u/Greatness313, had a identical response, writing, “Precisely! None of it is a ways tantalizing … This guy Roy beat the s**t out of Kim [Burgess], shot her and left her for tiresome and now [Upton] is having remorse? It’s tiring.” Clearly, a sort of “Chicago P.D.” followers peer Upton’s in-the-second circulate as reasonably justified, inquisitive regarding the hazard, and don’t judge her emotional response is in persona.

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