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The Case Recordsdata of Lord El-Melloi II Particular Previews Blu-Ray/DVD Jacket

The Case Recordsdata of Lord El-Melloi II released a preview of the Blu-Ray and DVD jacket for the particular episode. The TV particular premiered on December 31st, 2021, after a unique trailer used to be released earlier this month.

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The Blu-Ray/DVD jacket for The Case Recordsdata of Lord El-Melloi II / Inform Courtesy of Legit Net map

The Blu-Ray/DVD liberate will likely be on hand on March 30, 2022, priced at ¥7,700. The liberate will also fair a sure booklet and bonus photographs from the collection. Jap animator Jun Nakai (who labored on the anime as a personality clothier) drew the hide.

At the side of the liberate, the authentic opening of the particular, ‘Kimi ga Mita Yume no Monogatari’ by ASCA, will likely be released in January this year. The first-time little model charges spherical ¥2,640, the diversified little model at ¥2,200, and the licensed model at ¥1,980.

About ‘The Case Recordsdata of Lord El-Melloi II’

The actual is an addition to the current Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Recordsdata {Rail Zeppelin} Grace price TV anime. Studio TROYCA engaging the collection, which aired all the map in which thru the Summer 2019 anime season and had 13 episodes. Makoto Kato directed the collection. Jun Nakai did personality designs, whereas Yuki Kajiura serene the music. The same workers returned to work on the particular.

“Waver Velvet – The boy who fought aspect by aspect with the King of Conquerors – Iskandar – all the map in which thru the Fourth Holy Grail Battle in Fate/Zero. Time has passed, and the aged Waver has now adopted the title of Lord El-Melloi. As Lord El-Melloi II, he challenges a immense option of magical and mystical circumstances in the Clock Tower, the mecca of all mages…

Synopsis of collection, by Crunchyroll

The gathering is per a lightweight unique by Makoto Sanda and is piece of the TYPE-MOON’s Fate universe. The events in the anecdote purchase map between the Fate/Zero and Fate/discontinue night.

Supply: PR Times, Legit Net map

© Makoto Sanda, TYPE-MOON / LEMPC

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