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The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II Special Previews Blu-Ray/DVD Jacket

The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II launched a preview of the Blu-Ray and DVD jacket for the particular episode. The TV particular premiered on December 31st, 2021, after a sleek trailer used to be launched earlier this month.

The Blu-Ray/DVD jacket for The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II / Photo Courtesy of Edifying Net allege

The Blu-Ray/DVD commence will be available on March 30, 2022, priced at ¥7,700. The commence can even feature a selected booklet and bonus photos from the assortment. Eastern animator Jun Nakai (who labored on the anime as a persona clothier) drew the masks.

At the side of the commence, the legit opening of the particular, ‘Kimi ga Mita Yume no Monogatari’ by ASCA, will be launched in January this 365 days. The foremost-time runt version prices spherical ¥2,640, the many runt version at ¥2,200, and the celebrated version at ¥1,980.

About ‘The Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II’

The particular is an addition to the sleek Lord El-Melloi II’s Case Files {Rail Zeppelin} Grace existing TV anime. Studio TROYCA bright the assortment, which aired for the interval of the Summer season 2019 anime season and had 13 episodes. Makoto Kato directed the assortment. Jun Nakai did persona designs, whereas Yuki Kajiura peaceable the music. The same workers returned to work on the particular.

“Waver Velvet – The boy who fought facet by facet with the King of Conquerors – Iskandar – for the interval of the Fourth Holy Grail Warfare in Destiny/Zero. Time has handed, and the dilapidated Waver has now adopted the name of Lord El-Melloi. As Lord El-Melloi II, he challenges plenty of magical and mystical cases within the Clock Tower, the mecca of all mages…

Synopsis of assortment, by Crunchyroll

The assortment is in line with a delicate-weight sleek by Makoto Sanda and is section of the TYPE-MOON’s Destiny universe. The events within the chronicle happen between the Destiny/Zero and Destiny/shield night time.

Source: PR Instances, Edifying Net allege

© Makoto Sanda, TYPE-MOON / LEMPC

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