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The bullfighter Jaime Ostos dies of a heart attack

The bullfighter Jaime Ostos has died at 90 years old when he was on vacation with his wife in Bogota Colombia). The death of the right-hander, considered one of the great bullfighting figures of the sixties of the twentieth century and known as the “Lion of Écija” for his courage in the ring, has occurred because of a heart attack.

The right-hander had traveled to Colombia to spend the end of the year with his wife, the doctor María Ángeles Grajal , at the home of some of the couple's friends. His intention was to witness the bullfighting fairs in Cali and Manizales.

Your son, Jacobo Ostos , has confirmed the news in a phone call to the Telecinco program 'Long live life': “He died without pain, it was a heart attack when he woke up” , has stated. The bullfighter had overcome a coronavirus infection. Previously, in 2019, he suffered pulmonary edema and in 2020 he was admitted to a Madrid hospital for a serious back injury.


The deceased's son explained how his father's days have been in Colombia: “They have been a few happy hours, apart from the fact that he did not have me by his side, his people. Until yesterday he was dancing as he danced through bulerías and Everything. My mother has sent me videos and photos … if it is that, on the outside it was very good, but it is almost 91 years. It is the law of life. My regret is that the last thing was a hug and I left him there ago few days”. Jacobo has found out through a call that his mother has made

The bullfighter from Écija (Seville) was about to lose his life in 1963 due to a goring in Tarazona de Aragón. He even received extreme unction. Jaime Ostos Carmona was born in Écija (Seville) on April 8, 1933, although other biographies advance his birth to 1931. The son of a wealthy family of farmers, he came into contact with bulls when he was studying, which he abandoned due to his hobby and vocation. matador.

He debuted with public in his hometown on 1 June 1952 and four years later, on October 13, 1956, he took the alternative in Zaragoza from the hands of Miguel Baez “Litri” and in the presence of Antonio Ordoñez.

He confirmed it two years later in Las Ventas, in Madrid on May 17, 1958 with Antonio Bienvenida as godfather and Gregorio Sánchez as witness. Considered from that moment as an outstanding figure of bullfighting for his courage and good technique, he headed the matador ranks in 1959 and 1962 was the year of a right-hander with the most bullfights, 79. In addition, he left on his shoulders through the front door of Sales.

Decade of triumphs

That decade of the sixties was triumphs for Ostos, to the point that on October 1, 1967, in the arena of the Real Maestranza in Seville , the Cross of the Civil Order of Charity was imposed on him. But he also suffered major catches. Although he announced his retirement in 1974, he subsequently participated in charity festivals. His last appearance took place in Écija, on March 23, 2003, where he was offered a tribute and a monument was inaugurated in his honor.

After his retirement, he had the initiative to create in 1978 the Association of Bullfighters, Novilleros and Rejoneadores, of which he was president and also dedicated himself to the painting, another of his hobbies. In 1989 he exhibited for the first time in Madrid, a collection of 45 oil paintings, in which the landscape predominated and, paradoxically, the bullfighting theme was absent.

He participated in radio talk shows and won important awards, such as the Manolete Trophy or the Medal of the Spanish Association of Friends of Goya, which was awarded to him in 1994. But his fame as a matador was eclipsed by his love life.

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He married twice, the first in 1960 with Consuelo Alcalá, of which he separated nine years later and obtained the ecclesiastical nullity. Their children were born from that union: María Gabriela and Jaime. Later, he had a relationship with the Argentine actress Lita Trujillo and again married in 1987, civilly, with Dr. María Ángeles Grajal, with whom he has a son, Jacobo and from whom he separated in 1990. But in 2014 he remarried Grajal, this time in the Madrid church of Villaviciosa de Odón.

In addition, Jaime Ostos was the father of Gisela, born from a previous relationship with Aurora Díaz, who claimed for years and lawsuits claimed for her daughter the paternity of the right-hander. The matter was resolved in 2003 by ruling of the Court of First Instance number 5 of Móstoles, which established that Gisela, with whom the right-hander maintained a good relationship, could bear the surname Ostos and hold the legitimate rights in his inheritance.

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