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The Blue Bloods Season 10 Moment That Shocked Fans

In spite of loads of contenders, the crowning jewel of the season is the elegant allege within the Season 10 finale. Within the two-half finale episode, it’s revealed that the Reagans be pleased one other family member they know nothing about — and the estranged family member is also half of the Fresh York Police Division. Joe Hill (Will Hockman), who appears to be like to be the son of Joe Reagan, makes his first look within the closing episode.

On the “Blue Bloods” subreddit, some followers like u/JPPT1974 speculated that Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) could perchance additionally very smartly be pregnant, however the followers were pleasantly bowled over to search out out that the original Reagan family member revealed within the finale is Joe. U/4AHcatsandaChihuahua acknowledged that the being pregnant “changed into my expectation, too, especially within the starting place when Eddie changed into so maternal over the abandoned toddler. But it turned out even better!” Fans also marveled on the system Joe carries himself by the first Reagan family dinner.

 U/wikipuff, one other fan of the sequence, acknowledged, “I changed into nervous to teach about that tbh. I changed into half of expecting him to allege, ‘can all of us sustain hands or what? I’m now now not ragged to this,’ on the family dinner on the ruin.” For quite loads of, the episode is even a approved, with “Family Secret” conserving one amongst the highest ratings of any “Blue Bloods” episodes on IMDb, with a near-ultimate 9.2 out of 10.

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