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The Blockbuster Drama Nicole Kidman Regrets Filming


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By Prick Staniforth/Jan. 2, 2022 10: 19 am EST/Updated: Jan. 2, 2022 10: 22 am EST

All of us form mistakes. Wisely, ones that we no longer less than absorb in mind to be tall mistakes that we fight to sit down by and endure. Hollywood stars often fight by this wince-inducing skills bigger than others when they buy on roles that, on reflection, they honestly shouldn’t absorb tried. In most cases, the celebs don’t reasonably align, and even when all of the indicators were there for a assured success, the outcome’s the rest nonetheless.

In 2001, director Baz Luhrmann requested the sphere if we “can, can, can” along with his electric and romantically charged musical, “Moulin Rouge,” starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. The movie was as soon as nominated for eight Academy Awards (by IMDb), along side Simplest Image and Simplest Actress for Kidman’s efficiency as cherish-struck starlet Satine. It made ideal sense then that hopes were excessive for Kidman and Luhrmann’s 2nd collaboration to recapture the magic in a single other project that every held discontinuance to their hearts. Unfortunately, Kidman admitted a while after that the finish outcome was as soon as pretty of disappointing.

Nicole Kidman wants she’d never ventured to Luhrmann’s Australia

In 2008, Nicole Kidman reunited with Baz Luhrmann alongside outmoded Wolverine Hugh Jackman within the tale outback drama, “Australia.” The movie sees Kidman as an English lady that moves to the titular country to originate new, only to spoiled paths with Jackman’s valorous cowboy. The movie was as soon as met with a middling reception, only incomes 55% on Unhealthy Tomatoes, which was as soon as disheartening provided that hopes were for the movie to amplify the country’s tourism ranges (by Shuttle and Tourism Files). Nonetheless, Kidman discovered it an nearly “no longer means” watch upon the foremost and only viewing.

In an interview with a Sydney radio web web notify online (by Day after day Mail), Kidman admitted that she if truth be told “squirmed” in her seat on the premiere, which she attended along with her husband, Keith Urban. “I’m able to’t take a study this movie and be ok with what I’ve finished,” acknowledged Kidman. “I sat there and I checked out Keith and went ‘Am I any correct on this movie?’” Whereas she did reward her costars Jackman and Brandon Walters, who she regarded as “lovely,” Kidman added that regrettably, “it’s factual no longer means for me to connect with it emotionally at all.” Now, while every person is their dangle worst critic, it’s obvious that Kidman is no longer going to provide “Australia” — the movie that is, no longer her dwelling country — one other talk over with amongst her dense assist catalog of performances.

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