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The Bizarre 1970s Doctor Strange Movie You Didn’t Know Existed


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By Shane O’Neill/Jan. 24, 2022 8: 46 pm EST

The Marvel Cinematic used to be going pudgy steam ahead by the mid-2010s, even supposing the an increasing number of sprawling universe started to in actual fact feel rather samey. Franchises admire “Iron Man,” “Captain The United States,” and “Ant-Man” advised somewhat grounded stories and toned down fantastical, comic guide-impressed aspects — a miles bawl from the MCU say of the 2020s that deals with variants, differing timelines, and the admire. Fortunately, the franchise’s tone took a drastic shift in 2016 with “Doctor Weird”: a magical, visually uncommon thrill tear that introduced Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of the Sorcerer Supreme to the massive conceal for the very first time.

“Doctor Weird” served as a resplendent introduction to the titular surgeon-turned-magician, to boot to supporting characters admire Wong (Benedict Wong) and the Dilapidated One (Tilda Swinton), environment the stage for this magical corner of the MCU to characteristic more prominently in the years that adopted. Weird played a key role in each and every “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame” and most no longer too lengthy previously took part in “Spider-Man: No Formulation House.” Now to no longer mention, he’ll return in the impeding “Doctor Weird” sequel, “Doctor Weird in the Multiverse of Madness,” which hits the massive conceal in Can also of 2022.

That’s a valorous résumé for Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s iconic advent, but produce that it didn’t technically open up in 2016? Let’s focus on regarding the oft-forgotten and somewhat peculiar Doctor Weird film from the 1970s that started it all.

The origins of 1978’s Dr. Weird

Long sooner than Kevin Feige and his team came up with a thought for the MCU, Sam Raimi sat in the director’s chair for “Spider-Man,” and Hugh Jackman donned dim leather as Wolverine in “X-Males,” most reside-journey Marvel adaptations known as the tiny conceal home. All followers in actual fact needed to sink their teeth into had been displays admire “The Unbelievable Spider-Man” and “The Amazing Hulk” from the unhurried-1970s, but they weren’t the finest efforts to dig into the Marvel catalog. Enter Philip DeGuere, who directed, wrote, and produced the film “Dr. Weird” for CBS in 1978.

The film stars Peter Hooten as Dr. Stephen Weird, who takes care of a wounded Clea Lake (Anne-Marie Martin) following her war of words with the harmful Morgan Le Fay (Jessica Walter). The sorceress had possessed Lake to attack Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, Thomas Lindmer (John Mills), in hopes of killing him to produce the prefer of her mysterious good. She stays committed to her mission, but Weird’s budding magical abilities (and his speeding magnificent seems) finally thwart her thought. By the time the credit roll, he becomes the Sorcerer Supreme all of us know and saves the day.

“Dr. Weird” hit the airwaves on September 6, 1978, and with its moving memoir, forged of famous Marvel entities, and Paul Chihara’s digital rating, it used to be certainly obliging, upright? Now no longer by a lengthy shot.

Dr. Weird crashed and burned

To effect it mildly, “Dr. Weird” fell short in each and every that you just furthermore mght can take into accout technique, especially in the ratings, prompting CBS to abandon plans for a Weird-centric TV sequence down the road (via The Hollywood Reporter). At the time of this writing, it at this time holds a 57% audience rating on Defective Tomatoes, and it’s no longer complicated to fetch why. For a movie about one in all the Marvel Universe’s most bright, colourful characters, it’s visually and narratively dreary, and the know-how of the know-how couldn’t assign up with the offer fabric, amounting to a somewhat disappointing gaze all spherical.

Despite the reality that nearly all who’ve considered “Dr. Weird” don’t have a lot magnificent to remark about it, these that worked on it seem to have enjoyed themselves, and they acknowledged as a lot to THR in 2016. “We did presumably the most traditional we would with out a bunch of greenscreen, CGI, and all of that stuff. It used to be a wide journey,” recalled Wong actor Clyde Kusatsu, and the actor in the aid of 1 in all the scientific institution’s orderlies, Frank Catalano, liked that the forged had a “uncommon more or much less cohesion.” Jessica Walter gave reward to Phillip DeGuere for his devotion to the mission, including, “He wished the entire lot to be in actual fact ideally marvelous.”

At the tip of the day, “Dr. Weird” is some distance from presumably the most traditional Marvel production to come out of the ’70s, but it certainly’s no longer with out its deserves. The cast did their finest to turn in some solid performances, and the crew worked difficult to assemble the movie in actual fact feel as magical as capacity, so for these reasons, it deserves some amount of credit. It’s a campy, cheesy product of its time and positively an oddity in the field of reside-journey Marvel adaptations. Quiet, especially when when in contrast with up-to-the-minute superhero media, “Dr. Weird” isn’t presumably the most entertaining gaze.

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