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The Best TV Weddings Of All Time


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By Jasmine/Jan. 26, 2022 7: 44 pm EST

Thru TV adore, weddings act because the greatest milestone audiences are given for his or her favorite couples. In most cases it takes seasons for couples to admit their adore for one every other, let by myself compose it down the aisle. That’s what makes these occasions so memorable, they were nicely rate the wait. And whereas their special occasion must be a magical journey filled with adore and happiness (cue the Al Inexperienced song), each so frequently, the best and most memorable TV weddings are filled with drama. This checklist of weddings has a neat provide of upright that and further.

While these culminations of will-they-or-won’t-they romances find taken over our shows time and time again, it’s in actuality most interesting these lucky relationships that cease up with the marriage ceremony bells ringing. Let’s discover a stare upon some of TV’s best weddings of all time — including the total staunch, the dramatic, and the romantic TV moments.

FitzSimmons, ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’

A wedding is how to compose an unforgettable 100th episode, and that’s exactly what “Surprise’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” did. While audiences knew that Leopold Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) would cease up together, their marriage ceremony was once incredibly special for a mountainous motive: It was once the dying desire of crew captain Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg). Fitz and Jemma, or FitzSimmons as most name them, find long passed through loads — aliens, time jumps, you name it.

The episode began with our solid of heroes battling their worst fears. After all of them escaped, FitzSimmons determined that they no longer wished to support, opting to get hang of married ASAP. As one of Surprise’s most underrated shows, “S.H.I.E.L.D” was once ready to give us life like characters in a world of lies, spies, and everything in between. The connection between FitzSimmons was once five years in the making, so their marriage ceremony needed to be special. Per Fandom, showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen took inspiration from their very contain vows and incorporated them in the episode, making this marriage ceremony incredibly emotional for the solid and viewers alike. Alternatively, the episode left a shrimp cliffhanger, revealing that their original buddy Deke (Jeff Ward) from every other future was once in actuality associated to FitzSimmons — likely being their grandson!

Nathan and Haley, ‘One Tree Hill’

Warner Bros. Tv Distribution

The vital romance in “One Tree Hill” will were the adore triangle between Payton (Hilarie Burton), Lucas (Chad Michael Murray), and Brooke (Sophia Bush) — but let’s be correct right here, the best relationship on the reward was once between Nathan and Haley. “Regularly and forever” will frequently and forever be in our recollections when having a gaze assist at “One Tree Hill.” Portrayed by James Lafferty and Bethany Pleasure Lenz, Nathan and Haley in actuality had two weddings at some stage in the reward because their adore wanted to be renowned twice.

Within the foundation, Nathan and Haley quietly married at a waterfront beach after they were upright 16 years habitual, with most interesting her fogeys as witnesses. After their first one year of marriage, the couple experienced a rocky course, and Haley was once resolute to get hang of them assist no longer off beam. Fans were delighted to search out out about the 2 reconcile, with Nathan deciding that they must renew their vows and find every other marriage ceremony. He wished to give Haley everything they didn’t find the first time around. “Naley’s” second marriage ceremony took jam at some stage in Season 3’s finale episode, and whereas the day was once a best affair, a automobile fracture after the marriage ceremony left everything up in the air. This wouldn’t be a TV marriage ceremony without honest a runt drama now would it no longer?

Uncle Jessie and Becky, ‘Fats House’

Warner Bros. Tv Distribution

“Fats House” and “Fuller House” may maybe well be long gone, but their legacies lives on in our hearts forever. One among the main causes: Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) and Becky’s (Lori Loughlin) relationship and marriage ceremony. Naturally, the day itself started off as a total catastrophe. True off the bat, Jesse and Becky’s father get hang of off on the gross foot, causing the bride powerful turmoil. Things continued to head downhill when Jesse determined that he wished to journey one closing lag sooner than getting married. The lag he picked: skydiving, the night sooner than the mountainous day. Sadly, he cease up trapped in a tree when the marriage ceremony’s about to originate up. 

While he does in the kill get hang of rescued by a truck driver, Jesse finally ends up being arrested in place in prison by the native sheriff, having to name Becky to realize and bail him out. At closing, the 2 compose their plot assist to the church and get hang of married. While it was once a multitude to get hang of there, the day was once made full when Jesse serenaded Becky (and audiences) with a duvet of “Forever” by the Shoreline Boys. 

When most of the solid was once brought assist for “Fuller House,” Lori Loughlin was once absent for the reward’s closing episodes as a result of her involvement in the college admission scandal from 2019. Fortunately, her absence didn’t affect the relationship between Uncle Jesse and Becky, as her persona was once described as being in Alaska, serving to her mom.

Jake and Amy, ‘Brooklyn 99’

NBCUniversal Tv Distribution

Jake and Amy – one of many sweetest and least problematic couples to find attain out of TV land. They two tied the knot in the Season 5 finale, and it was once somewhat noice for viewers to journey. The day of their marriage ceremony was once anything but best, with Amy’s ex calling in a bomb chance to their venue, however the 99 were ready to tug everything together to give the couple their special occasion. It was once specifically tremendous to search out out about Captain Holt (Andre Braugher), a father decide to both Jake and Amy, step in because the officiant for the couple. 

Andy Samberg of “Saturday Night time Stay” repute portrayed Jake Peralta, with Melissa Fumero as his on-conceal wife Amy Santiago. Despite the truth that their marriage ceremony day was once a chaotic because it comes, Jake and Amy’s relationship was once anything but. While they’d a aggressive nature, they deeply revered one every other, so it was once the best payoff for audiences to search out out about them paddle from friends to married with a family. On the cease of the assortment, Jake decides to quit his job to preserve dwelling and find care of their son, whereas Amy begins a original job heading the police reform effort with Holt. He tells her that being a detective was once all he wished till now. Perfect-making an are attempting. 

Chandler and Monica, ‘Chums’

Warner Bros. Tv Distribution

“Chums” was once a first-rate, so powerful in negate that the crew came assist together for one closing hoorah 17 years after the assortment ended. The HBO “Chums: The Reunion” special brought the solid together again to spill some tea! For instance, it was once revealed that Monica and Chandler’s relationship was once cemented as a result of the viewers’s shuffle response to the 2 hooking up in London. Within the foundation, their London lag was once alleged to be a one off, however the chemistry between the actors, Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry, was once too staunch an opportunity to pass.

It’s thanks to this that makes the marriage ceremony between Monica Geller and Chandler Bing stand out above all others that were featured on this reward. “Chums” will find had many mountainous adore tales, but it’s the Bings’ chemistry that stole our hearts. The night sooner than the marriage ceremony, Chandler will get icy feet and decides that he can’t struggle through with it. He’s anxious that a wedding would be the downfall of their relationship, upright because it was once for his fogeys. Alternatively, once he realized that the adore he has for Monica is stronger than his doubts, the 2 bring incredibly interesting vows that residing each person’s minds comfortable. These two were in it for the long haul. Love most weddings on this checklist, everything needed to head gross for something stunning to head correct.

Lois and Clark, ‘Smallville’

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“Smallville” was once a gift about Clark Kent sooner than he become Superman. The assortment outlined Clark’s lifestyles in the runt metropolis of Smallville and the plot in which he managed his superhuman powers along with his friends and family whereas juggling his romantic relationships. And whereas the first few seasons centered heavily on Clark’s relationship with Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk), audiences knew that when Lois was once introduced, her relationship with Clark was once destiny.

Portrayed by Erica Durance and Tom Welling, Lois and Clark’s marriage ceremony was once a actually very long time coming. While the gracious ceremony was once interrupted by a possessed Oliver Queen, followers were ready to listen to the marriage ceremony vows — and discover about Clark’s father, Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) return to the assortment one closing time. Their marriage ceremony marked the 200th episode for “Smallville” and was once piece two of the reward’s assortment finale, and it went out with a bang when by in the kill bringing comedian e-book royalty together. Naturally, this wouldn’t be “Smallville” without an cease of the arena crisis for Clark to face correct when he’s about to get hang of married. Nonetheless he’s Superman, obviously he saves the day and will get the girl. 

Amy and Rory, ‘Physician Who’

“Physician Who” is a British sci-fi reward that has been on the air since 1963. The reward outlines the adventures of The Physician, an alien time lord that’s reincarnated into a ramification of of us because the assortment goes on. Each and every Physician famously has a partner that joins him on his adventures, with the Eleventh Physician’s (Matt Smith) partner being Amy (Karen Gillan). Within the Season 5 finale, The Physician attends Amy’s marriage ceremony to her childhood buddy Rory (Arthur Darvill). While Rory frequently had feelings for Amy, she was once blissfully unaware for nearly all of their friendship. 

As a outcome of the nature of the reward, Amy and Rory’s marriage ceremony had varied timelines, memory wipes, and entanglements with The Physician. The episode sees The Physician attempting to place the universe because it was once by accident destroyed. He finds a plot to create a second Huge Bang, to bring everything assist to regular. Sadly, he must preserve outside the universe for this to occur. On Amy and Rory’s marriage ceremony day, neither find any memory of The Physician till Amy is given a diary by River Tune, her daughter — who also happens to be a time traveler. Reading this helps bring her recollections assist, and she stops her marriage ceremony to invite The Physician assist. This lets in him to realize assist to our universe once extra. Talk just a few dramatic marriage ceremony day!

Cam and Mitchell, ‘Popular Family’

This marriage ceremony was once a actually very long time coming, as Mitch and Cam were already an established couple at the foundation of the reward. They’re loving companions, owners, and oldsters sooner than they ever tied the knot. Alternatively, the Season 5 finale saw their chaotic marriage ceremony discover a sexy conclusion with the 2 in the kill announcing their I create’s. 

Sadly for the couple, their marriage ceremony day started off with one catastrophe after every other. First, a wildfire engulfs their venue. Then, their marriage ceremony officiant must get replaced where they lose their backup venue. Thru the total chaos, Mitch and his father Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill) butt heads when Mitch feels that his conduct in direction of their marriage ceremony is anything but shuffle. Fortunately, Jay comes to the rescue with one closing venue option at his golf club. Mitch and Cam find the marriage ceremony of their desires, whereas Mitch and Jay in the kill attain to belief.

Jim and Pam, ‘The Notify of industrial’

NBCUniversal Tv Distribution

These two made us have faith in correct adore. It was once determined as day that Jim and Pam would be the endgame, and after they in the kill confessed their adore for one and every other, “The Notify of industrial” followers upright knew that a wedding was once in their future. And whereas the day may maybe well also need started off in full disarray, it in actuality ended up being one of essentially the most heartfelt moments in the total reward.

What made their marriage ceremony so special was once Jim and Pam’s resolution to create things their very contain plot. Pam expressed her fright over having their households’ negative opinions and colleagues’ shenanigans crash their best day. So that they private to trot off and get hang of married without them, aboard the Maid of the Mist ferry boat. Jim later revealed that he had already prepared a ferry boat marriage upfront, lustrous that Pam would are attempting to spoil out the marriage ceremony drama. 

Ben and Leslie, “Perks and Sport”

NBCUniversal Tv Distribution

“Parks and Sport” was once a administrative center sitcom that grew to be one of essentially the most beloved on tv. The assortment follows a neighborhood of of us working for the Pawnee Parks and Sport Division, with Leslie Knope serving because the Deputy Director. While Leslie has varied relationships at some stage in the reward, it was once the unhurried burn between her and Ben that made them the reward’s cutest couple.

Ben and Leslie’s relationship started off a runt tough, with neither seeing demand-to-demand. Alternatively, the 2 quickly blossomed into one of tv’s most admirable couples, as Adam Scott and Amy Poehler showcased how a relationship can compose out of two supportive companions. Ben and Leslie’s marriage ceremony day was once a spur of the moment affair, when, all of the sudden, the couple determined no longer to support. They prefer to get hang of married at a gala, as each person who was once important to them was once already gathered and dressed to galvanize. Naturally, arranging a wedding closing minute didn’t trot too smoothly, however the cease outcome had Leslie assert the cutest line to Ben, “I in actuality equivalent to you and I equivalent to you.” Same, Leslie, same. 

The Red Marriage ceremony, “Sport of Thrones”

Warner Bros. Tv Distribution

While this marriage ceremony isn’t essentially a pleased one, it was once one of many greatest TV weddings of all time. As a outcome of the shock cost by myself, the Red Marriage ceremony deserves as residing on this checklist because it was once one of essentially the most memorable moments in “Sport of Thrones” — and in TV history. After the loss of life of Ned Stark at the cease of the first season, audiences knew that no persona was once protected. Alternatively, The Red Marriage ceremony was once a disturbing-stuffed moment in “GoT” that left audiences timid as no one (with the exception of, likely, these who be taught George R.R. Martin’s novels) was once ready for this bloody tournament that saw the loss of life of no longer one, but two of the main Stark characters. 

When Robb Stark (Richard Madden) asked Talisa (Oona Chaplin) to marry him, he broke a promise he made to Walder Frey (David Bradley). In a political transfer to alley House Stark with House Frey against the Lannisters, Robb was once meant to marry Frey’s daughter. To appease House Frey, Robb’s uncle, Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies) married Frey’s daughter as an different. As soon as the ceremony was once full, Frey enacts the greatest betrayal by murdering Robb, his pregnant wife, his mom, and all of his men at some stage in the reception. Sadly, this marriage ceremony met a bloody cease moderately than a pleased one. 

Beth and Randall, ‘This Is Us’

The hit assortment “This Is Us” has given audiences many weddings at some stage in its trot, alternatively, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall’s (Estimable good ample. Brown) is the standout. Season 3 Episode 17 featured no longer upright their marriage ceremony, but their total adore memoir from starting to full, making their closing breeze down the aisle even exceptional. 

The episode, titled “R & B,” took audiences on a shuffle lag of Randall and Beth’s relationship by tracing the couple’s lives through their arguments. This offers the reward one of its most romantic moments so a ways, as — a mere five minutes sooner than the originate of the marriage ceremony — neither persona was once ready to jot down their vows. Beth truly useful that they write them together, as they work better working together than separate. Audiences are given a gaze into this special moment of the 2 reciting their vows from the heart, with Randall announcing “I are attempting to be the person that you deserve,” and Beth responding with, “You would also be the best factor I’m ever going to desire.” This couple went above and beyond, and also you may maybe well discover about how deeply they adore and rely on one every other in their vows. Cue the tears.

David and Patrick, ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Every thing about David (Dan Levy) and Patrick’s (Noah Reid) adore memoir was once best. From Patrick serenading David with a adore song to David’s rambling voicemail on Patrick’s phone, they were couple dreams. Naturally, when it came to their marriage ceremony, the day was once filled with dramatic moments, including their venue being rained out and their officiant cancelling on them the night sooner than. Fortunately, the metropolis of Schitt’s Creek pulled together to compose a a ramification of day for the 2. Their venue was once moved to Town Hall, and Moria (Catherine O’Hara) officiated in an outfit that most interesting she is going to find pulled off. 

Tissues were at the ready as audiences got to glance David Rose and Patrick Brewer assert their I Attain’s whereas concurrently assert goodbye to the metropolis, with the reward checking out for its closing season. The couple’s heartfelt vows outlined how perfectly matched they were for one every other, with David’s specifically seeing him communicate in self belief his partner in a approach audiences had yet to journey. Our runt rose was once in bloom!

Cory and Topanga, ‘Boy Meets World’

As soon as you grew up in the 90s, then that Cory and Topanga’s adore is something of a memoir. Their marriage ceremony was once one for the ages, and a nicely-deserved form out for followers of the reward “Boy Meets World.” And fortuitously, the same is also acknowledged about the friendship between actors Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel who were one every other’s first TV kiss!

While other weddings on the checklist needed to accommodate everything that you may maybe well have faith, Cory and Topanga simply needed to realize to phrases with rising up. While they’d been together their total lives, their marriage ceremony marked a replace for them and these around them. This was once specifically the case with Cory’s best buddy Shawn (Rider Sturdy), who felt that Cory was once leaving him in the assist of. Fortunately, he accepts that Topanga is now Cory’s best buddy, and he’s pleased for the adjustments that adulthood brings. The marriage ceremony episode was once titled “It’s About Time,” which was once appropriate because Cory and Topanga were destined to be together. Looking at their marriage ceremony was once, in actuality, about time. 

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