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The best gifts of your favorite series and movies

  • For Reyes, give one of these objects as a gift, surely they are not expecting it!

For Reyes, try to be more original and give your loved ones some of the objects that appear in their favorite series and movies.

For the little ones

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  • Bus 'Cocomelon'

For the little ones in the house there is nothing better than this bus from the famous children's series 'Cocomelon' (available on Netflix and YouTube). In this series, in which the cartoons sing, they teach the different traditional songs in English. Now, pressing the front of the bus will play the song “ The Wheels on the bus go round and round “. It also includes the figure of its protagonist: JJ !

For 27.39 euros.

  • Chip Mug from 'Beauty and the Beast'

For fans of Disney This is the perfect mug as it perfectly recreates the children's character from the movie 'Beauty and the Beast': Chip (includes the crack that gives him his name). With this gift, breakfasts will be more fun and full of magic.

For 14.39 euros.

  • Spider-Man Costume / Elsa Dress from 'Frozen'

Who wouldn't want to be their favorite superhero? Give one of the superhero costumes from Marvel or DC. A clear example of one of the funniest is undoubtedly Spider-Man.

From 21.99 euros.

And for all those children who have always wanted to be any Disney character, do not think twice and give away one of the costumes of their protagonists . Let them be a princess with the costume of Elsa , protagonist of 'Frozen'.

From 28.89 euros.

  • 'My Adventure Book' by 'UP'

If what you want is a gift for spend time with your child , give the famous diary 'My Adventure Book' from the movie 'UP'. In this way you can color, paste photos, draw … on it with your children. Let the creativity flow and create a book where to show your best memories .

For 28 euros.

  • Batman Lamp

There is no more fun way to go to bed than with this lamp showing the sign of 'Batman '. In this way the children will go to sleep feeling that they are in Gotham City and that his favorite superhero will appear to take down anyone who is willing to commit evil.

For 26.95 euros

Your favorite series and movies

  • Funko Pop

These fun figures make a fantastic gift for any fan of a series or movie already that, practically, there is everything! Among some of the funniest and most original are: Nairobi ('The Paper House ') from 17.60 euros, Doctor Strange (Marvel's 'What If' ) from 24.94 euros,

Red Soldier ('The Squid Game') for 15.10 euros, ice cream maker ('Stranger Things') by 18.94 euros, for 34.55 euros or Daenerys Targaryen ('Game of Thrones') for 13.99 euros.

  • 'Arcane' T-shirts

Much of the merchandising of the Netflix series 'Arcane', but you can already get t-shirts that recall the underground kingdom of Zaun or the city of Spiltover, settings from the plot and the League of Legends franchise on which the series is based. The most original t-shirt is the one that alludes to its protagonists, Powder and Vi, which can be found by the name 'Two Sisters' on the Riot Games website by 31.50 euros.

  • 'Star Wars' Lightsaber

For those who want to be true Jedi There is nothing better than the lightsabers from your favorite movies. With these utensils it will be as if they were part of the movie saga, and they only need to enter the 'Death Star'.

From 9.90 euros to 466.71 euros.

  • Hermione Granger's Time Turner from 'Harry Potter'

A must have for any Harry Potter fan. With this replica of the one our protagonist uses to travel through time in the movie ' Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ', any fan can either match their Hogwarts student costume or wear it with everyday wear.

For 26.95 euros.

  • 'Harry Potter' Butterbeer

The beer that students drink in the 'Harry Potter' saga (without alcohol). The perfect gift for fans of the saga who dare to try new flavors. With this pack of 4 beers, you can share it with your friends and feel as if you were in Las Tres Escobas, La Cabeza de Puerco or El Caldero Chorrea nte .

From 16.50 euros

  • Notebook 'Death Note'

For fans of the anime series 'Death Note' There is no better gift than the black notebook that uses Light Yagami . Who has not thought of more than one occasion that would happen when writing someone's name on it? In addition to the notebook, the pack also includes a feather pen, an L-shaped necklace and a bookmark .

For 15.12 euros

  • Frog Purse from 'Naruto'

For lovers of the series 'Naruto' there is no More original and fun gift than the frog-shaped purse that the protagonist uses throughout the series. Surprise fans with this practical the time unexpected .

For 10.99 euros

  • Scout Corps Cloak

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