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The best April Fools of 2021: 'La Casa de Papel', Cristiano Ronaldo at Barcelona, ​​Ibai Llanos with Piqué and other jokes

Fools day, which is celebrated on December 28, is linked to the innocent and laughter. Although the practice has fallen somewhat into disuse, the media tend to sneak some innocent among their serious news, a kind of joke with which they try to make their readers smile.

In this 2021, the television portal 'Fórmula TV' has winked at the series 'La Casa de Papel', with a spin-off starring by Leticia Sabater and called 'Cuenca'. In this case, fiction and reality have been mixed, since it is true that there will be a spin-off around the character of Berlin.

📺 Trailer of ' Cuenca ', the new spin-off of' La Casa de Papel '#LCDPCuenca

– FormulaTV (@FormulaTV) December 27, 2021

Even more probe, the sports newspaper 'Mundo Deportivo' proclaimed that “Cristiano Ronaldo offers himself to Barça.” “The Portuguese is not comfortable in Manchester and has contacted Xavi through Piqué, while Jorge Mendes is already negotiating with Laporta,” defended this newspaper, something that would surprise the Culé fan.

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In Telecinco, Sonsoles Onega has fallen into another joke of his team, in the program 'It's already noon '. While interviewing Dr. Manuel Viso, who has been the accomplice, they have led him to believe that Viso was leaving his post because of a job offer from Joe Biden, the US president, to work in the US Administration. “Since I later saw that you gave me ball, I thought it was the same,” Onega said later.

But the jokes are not only limited to the media. The Zaragoza Provincial Council, as is its custom, has announced that “it has reached an agreement with the popular 'youtuber' Ibai Llanos and the footballer Gerard Piqué to organize the 1st World Charangas Championship in the municipalities of the province “. “The group stage will take place in Tarazona, Caspe, La Almunia and Alagón and the quarterfinals and semifinals will be held in Ejea de los Caballeros and Calatayud. The grand final will also be played in one of these two municipalities, but there will be We have to wait to know where, because the brass band from Ejeana Artistas del Gremio is the great favorite to win the world title and the organization considers too much advantage that they will also play at home “, they say.

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