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The Bernabéu surrenders to Vinicius

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Vinicius returned to football and the applause thundered in the stands as his name was mentioned over the loudspeaker a quarter of an hour before the game. Later, at the moment of truth, the boy responded to the clapping with two goals and his repertoire of dribbling and escapes by the band, tied up on many occasions by the opponents, but he is unstoppable, a spectacle.

The Brazilian is different, everything he does is spectacular, even the mistakes in the passes. The kid is a winger with the old virtues of the winger, a left wing forward who dribbles with the waist without touching the ball, like Paco Gento did. An outside that goes inside and creates plays like the one where Modric smashed the ball off the crossbar.

Everything the boy does generates danger and raises passions in the stands of the Bernabéu.

Vinicius was absent at the Getafe Coliseum and Real Madrid continued on vacation, as Ancelotti said. He was absent in El Collao and the leader won without playing well. Like it or not, the South American is fundamental in the scheme of the Italian. Why? Because he has total freedom of movement, which he did not have with Zidane, and that liberation allows him to bring out all his talent, supported by supersonic speed.

Their Combinations with Benzema are magic . The Frenchman took advantage of the speed of the Brazilian gazelle, which always broke the rival defense when it entered the area.

Vinicius was a latent concern for Valencia, who greatly protested Hernández Hernández's mistake when pointing out the penalty to Casemiro. The midfielder thus made up for his performance in the danger of the wire, about to be expelled by two cards when facing the referee with fuss.

Fuss was made to provoke the maximum penalty and deceive the referee. The confrontation between Real Madrid and the Valencian squad is always hot and controversial.

It was the day of the Brazilians and Militao too was booked in a rough match in the two areas. But the best were Vinicius in attack and Modric in construction, equally cheered by the public. The Brazilian always waits for the second halves to finish off the enemy with his 'reprise'. They grabbed by the neck to stop him. And he quickly scored the second goal of the match in another of his links with Benzema.

With the double advantage, the leader moved at will and the boy also signed the third target of the match. He has already added twelve goals in the League and fourteen in the course. He is the leader's second gunner, surpassed by the Frenchman, who yesterday reached 17 in the championship, 22 in the campaign and 301 in the club, after signing the fourth. His goal is to reach 308 for Di Stéfano and 323 for Raúl.

All the football of the whites was loaded on the flank of Vinicius , because his damage to the opponent was excruciating. Every run was a scoring action. It was the easy, the logical, the smart, to exploit the gazelle. Now he even defends relatively well, a dark plot that he never exercised in the football of his country. You are going to renew for six years and double your salary. He has earned it.

Bordalás, Valencia coach, was resounding in complaints about the penalty: «It is non-existent and the referee may not see it, but I am surprised that the VAR does not signal it. It was an important play, but I don't make excuses because they scored four goals and we can't go on like this. ”

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