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The Basque Government will investigate the attack on the Atlético bus, “although little can be clarified”

The Basque Government will open an investigation into the incidents that occurred this Wednesday in the vicinity of Anoeta, in San Sebastián, where the bus carrying the Atlético de Madrid was attacked with the throwing of stones and bottles upon his arrival at the stadium to play the match of the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey against Real Sociedad. One person was injured in the head during the altercations.

Josu Erkoreka, Vice President and Security Councilor of the Basque Government, has described these incidents as “unfortunate”, but believes that it will be difficult to clarify what happened. “It will be very complicated, since the flares and others come from far away and it is very difficult to clarify, but what happened will be investigated. Whenever there is damage and injury, a study is carried out”, he said in a conversation with ETB1, the Basque public television.

Incidents in Anoeta before Real – Atlético de MadridenVideos

In the images of the incident, they observe the difficulties of the Atlético bus in advancing towards the stadium along Paseo de Anoeta, while a crowd of Real fans rebuked the vehicle or directly threw blunt objects against the windows. Several of them ended up broken. Several Ertaintza vans had to approach the bus to clear the area and allow access to the stadium. In the images you can also see the angry gesture of Diego Simeone, coach of Atlético, who from the front of the bus criticized the lack of security with which they had arrived at the stadium. “The Ertaintza was present from the beginning,” says Erkoreka. »But he did not have to carry out any in-depth intervention because it was not necessary».

Eneko Goia, mayor of San Sebastián, has also criticized the attacks against the Atlético staff bus: «This is reprehensible behaviour. It is totally out of place, the feeling that those incidents gave me was very bad, without any doubt. The show these people gave was pitiful. As a realist and from San Sebastian, I am ashamed to see this type of thing, ”he explained in Euskadi Irratia.

After the game, Simeone lashed out again at the security measures: «You already saw it, a whole path with the Real fans, there was suddenly no protection. I told Imanol that they had nothing to do with it, but to send greetings to the people who had to prepare and did not prepare it».

The realistic coach, for his part, apologized to Atlético on behalf of the realistic club: «I'm sorry. That is not our hobby and we have shown it later on the field. This hobby is what he has done afterwards, encourage his team and have a lot of respect for the rival. I don't really know what happened, but I do know that something has happened. Sorry from the club».

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