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The All Of Us Are Dead Character That Died Too Soon According To Fans

In Episode 3 of “All of Us Are Dreary,” Park Hee-su (Lee Chae-eun) secretly affords birth in a public bathroom to a minute bit of one. She before everything leaves the minute one in the again of in the hopes that somebody else will utter the baby, however goes again for it when she sees the rising havoc attributable to the spreading zombie apocalypse. Then again, she tragically will get bitten by considered one of many zombies, and — radiant that she’ll estimable be a risk to the baby after she’s turned — locks herself and her minute one in a restaurant. She then ties herself to the restaurant’s doorways, ensuring that she gained’t ruin her minute one even after her zombie transformation is entire. It’s a transferring and intrepid resolution, and it looks be pleased it made an enduring impact on many of the expose’s viewers.

On the official “All of Us Are Dreary” subreddit, u/dyplomat created a entire put up dedicated to Park Hee-su and known as her an “underrated character.” The put up impressed many responses from the expose’s fans, with u/halonone commenting that they deem Park Hee-su “died too quickly.” In other locations, u/KittenWithaWhip68 commented that they have been vexed the ribbon Park Hee-su aged to tie herself to the restaurant doorways “wouldn’t withhold,” however indirectly thinks the character became once “very intrepid and considerate to entire that, namely when all her bones and joints have been cracking and he or she became once clearly combating thru her agony to accumulate it completed.”

When discussing the character’s total significance to the series, u/HistoricalInspector6 additionally wrote that Park Hee-su’s storyline “added to [the show’s] fixed theme of a parent’s esteem.” In other words, whereas her death became once undeniably tragic, it’s certain that Park Hee-su’s closing scene made adequate of a label on viewers for so a lot of of them to need she had been in the expose longer than she indirectly became once.

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