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The Adventure Time Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


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By Kyle Logan/Jan. 20, 2022 11: 51 am EST

It’s reasonably graceful given all the magic, spirituality, and space wander in “Experience Time” that the show by no draw entails any astrology. It by no draw without lengthen involves Tarot either, but Tarot is greatly referenced within the “Stakes” miniseries as (almost) all the vampires that the team has to hunt down are named after Tarot playing cards. Yet astrology doesn’t score so powerful as an offhanded reference in a shaggy dog story throughout the show.

So for fans of the long working favorite traditional who additionally love astrology, we conception we’d order these pursuits together and give our suggestions on which “Experience Time” persona you are according to your zodiac signal. We’ve used the signal descriptions from beneath to test every signal with a persona from the show. Sadly some fan accepted characters simply don’t match effectively with any of the signs, so apologies to BMO and Lemongrab fans. As a change of power fits, we’ve found the characters who most exemplify every zodiac signal.

Aries: Marceline

Aries are “a bundle of energy and dynamism” characterised by immense “personal magnetism.” Whereas there are for scramble a different of “Experience Time” characters with essential fans within the right world, the persona with the finest personal magnetism and fans within the land of Ooo is the one and most tremendous vampire queen Marceline.

Certain, Princess Bubblegum and the King of Ooo accept as true with their political supporters and incessant matters, but Marceline is the simplest persona within the show with a legion of fans. We view how powerful the diverse denizens of Ooo like her when she performs a packed live performance to ghosts in “Marcy and Hunson” and almost causes a rebellion within the Sweet Kingdom by pausing her performance at the war of the bands in “The Song Hole.”

Along with her charisma, Marcy is additionally marked as an Aries by her actions. Aries are infrequently “first in line to score issues going,” but they “score to provoke in dwelling of complete” and we view this with Marcy in every “The Empress Eyes” and “Sky Witch” when Marcy springs into action without entirely thinking thru a conception after which must be helped by Princess Bubblegum.

Speaking of Princess Bubblegum, Aries additionally constantly will allow you to love “the set up you stand with” them, and as we view in “What Was Missing” Marcy is extremely tickled being open with PB about how she feels. Obviously, “Aries’ directness can stumble on as blunt, harsh, and even merciless,” and incessantly their phrases near out awful. Marceline is a correct Aries, with your complete strengths and weaknesses of the signal.

Taurus: Jake

Tauruses like “the ravishing life in all its guises” from art to “a advisable meal and beautiful wine.” No “Experience Time” persona so powerful epitomizes this draw of being extra than Jake. Jake is such a lover of meals that he’s literally incapable of wishing for the rest completely different than a sandwich at any time when he’s equipped a desire as we view in episodes “The Limit,” “Graybles 1000 ,” and “Jake the Dog.” But he’s no longer simply a lover of meals, he’s additionally a immense chef, we view him draw a palatable meatloaf in “Jake Suit” and bacon pancakes in “Burning Low,” and we even view him dropped at tears when he makes “the finest sandwich ever made” in “Time Sandwich.”

Jake’s like of the ravishing life extends to art as effectively. We view that he’s a proficient and versatile viola participant when he performs pieces of Beethoven, Mozart, and Wagner in “The Eyes.” And in “My Two Favorite Of us” we learn that a key ingredient of Jake and Girl Rainicorn’s romance is that they play viola together every day. The ability to retain an day to day conception highlights any other ingredient of Jake as a Taurus, as Tauruses are “legit … accurate … and dogged in honoring their commitments.”

Gemini: Betty

Geminis are “intellectually inclined, with no end in sight probing folks and areas looking out for knowledge” and “supremely serious about increasing their relationships” and Betty is the “Experience Time” persona that most personifies these two persona aspects, especially in tandem. Betty literally travels 1,000 years into the long skedaddle to be with Simon/Ice King in “Betty” after which dedicates herself to bringing her intellect to undergo on curing Ice King of his crown-prompted insanity so that she can accept as true with the man she loved abet. We additionally view her narrate her immense intellect to appear the Enchiridion throughout the “Parts” miniseries.

It’s additionally telling that while they’ll narrate their intelligence to “rationalize with no end in sight and a day, Geminis additionally accept as true with a surplus of creativeness” given that Betty decides to amplify on her scientific talents by taking on Magic Man’s powers in “You Forgot Your Floaties.” This ability to adapt shows a Gemini’s ability “to mix into any atmosphere effortlessly.” Which we additionally view when, after touring to the long skedaddle in “Betty” she doesn’t bat an investigate cross-test at Jake being a talking dogs.

But alongside with her deep like for Simon and her immense intellect and creativeness, Betty is seriously chaotic, especially after receiving Magic Man’s powers. Her ability to adapt additionally makes her extra tickled being non-committal, as we view in “Skyhooks II” when she abandons Finn within the quest to set Ooo to as an different focus her powers on saving Simon.

Most cancers: Tree Trunks

Cancers are “all about dwelling,” and so that they “get rid of immense pleasure within the comforts of dwelling and family” and are “maternal, domestic, and like to nurture others.” It’s no marvel then the persona who most embodies this signal is the diminutive elephant recognized for her unbelievable apple pies Tree Trunks. We first meet Tree Trunks within the eponymous “Tree Trunks” episode and view her maternal and nurturing nature as she lovingly makes them an apple pie. It’s easy to investigate cross-test early on that Tree Trunks, love any most cancers, is “constantly ready to host, and situation a desk.” We view her maternal nature when she excitedly accepts huge child Sweet P left at her doorstep in “Lunge From the Citadel” and proceeds to be a loving mother in episodes love “Gold Stars.” 

Cancers are additionally recognized to “set up on their heart on their sleeve” and could well “score emotional about issues.” And we view Tree Trunks enact simply this when she can’t undergo to be separated from Mr. Pig in “Dream of Treasure” and when she angrily enlists Finn and Jake to budge after some “ne’er-enact-wells” who she believes stole her apples in “Apple Thief.” This madden makes sense as cancers “are … vigilant about preserving themselves” and there’s nothing that Tree Trunks cares extra about than her apples.

In her loyalty to the King of Ooo we view the patriotism and “sympathy for the underdog” of the most cancers combine as Tree Trunks can’t order herself to enhance Princess Bubblegum’s rule and as an different champions the (very barely) much less loved King of Ooo’s claims to the throne of the Sweet Kingdom.

Leo: Lumpy Dwelling Princess

Leos “like being center stage” and “accept as true with a flair for the dramatic” with their finest strengths being their self belief and “self-assuredness” and it’s onerous to think any persona that extra completely fits that description than Lumpy Dwelling Princess (aka LSP). We view her complete belief in her predominant persona dwelling throughout the sequence. When she joins a pack of wolves and narrativizes their lives spherical her in “The Monster.” When she writes a gender-swapped fanfiction about herself following Ice King’s instance and makes her analog the hero. Per chance most telling of her self belief, she’s without lengthen ready to step into the lead role of her play when Tree Trunks backs out of the role in “Summer Showers” and tries to attract Tree Trunks’ marriage ceremony her possess in “Apple Marriage ceremony.”

Enjoy every Leo, “being so confident and optimistic [herself, she tends] to investigate cross-test [her] visitors and loved ones thru the same lens, encouraging their talents and self-self belief as effectively.” We view this in “Gotcha!” when LSP assumes that Turtle Princess want to be having trouble maintaining away your complete men who desire her “turtle lumps” and in “Princess Day” when she and Marceline spend the day together exacting revenge on Breakfast Princess and complimenting every completely different’s kinds.

Virgo: Peppermint Butler tells us “Virgos … had been born to attend, and it provides them immense pleasure” so it shouldn’t near as any surprise that Peppermint Butler, Princess Bubblegum’s trusty manservant, is principally the most Virgo persona in all of Ooo. But it’s no longer simply that Peppermint Butler has a immense sense of obligation and is “jubilant to be at the service of family and visitors” that makes him a Virgo. He spends his free time “busy working on making improvements to [himself]” thru his look of the darkish arts, which advantages from his “methodical and atmosphere high quality” nature and requires his immense “consideration to detail.”

Whereas confident in his talents as a practitioner of the darkish arts, we view him live “modest and … advisable” in “Nemesis” when he stops himself from extra taunting Peace Grasp and acknowledges that he went too far by being mean in any admire. We additionally view his “extremely purposeful suggestions … change into overactive, leading to awe, terror [and] self-doubt” in “Checkmate” when he frets about how most tremendous to interrogate the Vampire King for an autograph and is timid at their first assembly.

Libra: Ice King

Libra is “the signal of Partnership with a capital ‘P’ because these of us enact no longer are making an attempt to be alone” and that doesn’t portray somebody in “Experience Time” better than Ice King. Ice King is a correct Libra, a signal whose “accepted partnership is at dwelling: marriage.” But his desire to be paired up, as “for a Libra, all the issues is better if it’s done as a pair,” extends previous the romantic into the realm of friendship along with to we view in “Playdate” when he and Abracadaniel change into shut visitors and are making an attempt to enact all the issues together.

We’re going to additionally view the Libra’s “pure orientation toward in quest of justice and equity in society” in Ice King’s frustration with the level of pastime on secret societies in wizard custom in “Reign of Gunters” and “Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe!” And he shows “alive to ravishing sensibilities” as a drummer and as a creator of fanfiction.

When he shaves his beard and rebrands himself as “Wonderful King” in “Loyalty to the King” we view “traditional Libra indecisiveness … thwart [his] ability to attract decisions” amongst the reasonably a range of princesses who’re making an attempt to this level him. As a Libra, he wishes “to be inclusive, [and] score[s] it refined to discriminate” and deem a princess to this level.

Scorpio: Princess Bubblegum

Scorpios are “deeply committed to appear and learn,” they “like to probe and perceive how to resolve issues” and if that doesn’t portray a scientist we don’t know what does. Princess Bubblegum (aka PB), Ooo’s preeminent scientific suggestions, is our Scorpio then. She’s extremely abnormal, infrequently dangerously so, as we view in “Slumber Birthday celebration Dread” the set up her experiment ends in an attack by candy zombies.

We’re going to view her be “receptive and affected person, letting others play their playing cards and show their intentions first to better realize the emotional and psychological dynamics of [her] relationships” in her personal life and relationship with Marceline throughout the sequence, and specifically in “Sky Witch.” And after their relationship has been healed we view her “passionately bond … heart and soul” to Marceline in episodes love “Broke His Crown” the set up she visits Ice King because he’s crucial to Marcy.

In that very same relationship although, we view PB be “leisurely to belief” and “leisurely to forgive” Marceline earlier within the sequence in “What Was Missing.” In her extra skilled relationship with Flame Princess we view her tumble into a “pessimistic … worldview … [leading] to … paranoia” in “The Cooler” the set up it’s revealed that she has been spying on Flame Princess (along with to many others), and she or he makes an attempt to get rid of away the mandatory temperature administration objects from the Flame Kingdom’s sound asleep giants.

Sagittarius: Susan Solid

Sagittariuses “are truth-seekers,” but now not just like the detail-oriented Virgo or learn loving Scorpio, Sags score “the simplest draw for them to enact this [truth seeking] is to hit the avenue, search recommendation from others and score some solutions.” That’s precisely what Susan Solid does within the “Islands” miniseries wherein she searches for solutions about her previous. Even sooner than that, we are in a position to view that “knowledge is crucial” for her within the episode that takes its title from her as she is labored as much as learn all the issues that Finn and Jake fragment with her about the enviornment.

In almost every episode she’s in, we view Susan’s optimism, “the foremost power of Sagittarius.” After we learn her previous as a Seeker, the enforcers on the human island, in “Cover and Gaze” we view her “passionately reveal [her] suggestions” relating to the options of the island in “a mettlesome, authoritative draw of talking.” But later view her swap her suggestions for her buddy and “simply as passionately [state her] novel views” because the mutable Sagittarius is wont to enact. In these novel views we additionally view Susan “accept as true with a stylish time following the dwelling quo or struggling what [she feels] to be fraudulent or inauthentic roles, suggestions, or laws” as she opposes the options she has been skilled to uphold to attend her buddy skedaddle.

Capricorn: Finn

Capricorns are “all about onerous work,” they “are extremely devoted to their dreams, almost to the level of stubbornness.” They get rid of “issues one step at a time” and are as “pragmatic as possible.” Whereas these could well no longer sound love basically the most fun qualities, they’re most embodied by lead hero Finn in “Experience Time” and surely change into thrilling once we accept as true with in suggestions that it’s his dedication to his dreams that permits him to literally develop a tower into space in “The Tower.”

Whereas this dedication makes Finn the immense adventurer that he’s, he repeatedly has a onerous time accepting that others are no longer as invested in his dreams, “no longer view that others accept as true with completely different rhythms, values, and desires.” In “Dungeon Utter” we view Finn throw himself fully into the challenge of conquering each enemy on the seemingly endless (or at the least spherical) practice and be unwilling to budge away at the same time as Jake loses pastime. In “Vault of Bones” Finn tells Flame Princess that dungeon crawling helps him get rid of his suggestions off issues, but we view him war with letting her enact issues her possess draw struggling with “being myopically mad by [his own] dreams.”

Finn additionally grows so much over the direction of the sequence, exhibiting that he, love many Capricorns, “step by step learn[s] to let budge [of control] over the years.” A beefy piece of here’s Finn’s confronting reminiscences in “the vault”, the set up he places the suggestions and experiences he doesn’t are making an attempt to take care of. The vault is Finn’s draw of hiding “nervousness … within the abet of a conceal of self-sufficiency and dry humor” as Capricorns infrequently enact.

Aquarius: Minerva

Aquariuses are “humanitarian, philanthropic, and keenly serious about making the enviornment the next dwelling … visionaries, modern souls who like to spend time thinking about how issues could well even be better.” No longer most tremendous that, “they focus powerful of their energy on … social institutions and how they work (or don’t work).” There are for sure a different of rulers in “Experience Time” who learn to attract issues better for their matters, but none of them accept as true with created as effectively-planned and organized a society as Finn’s mother, Minerva.

Within the “Islands” miniseries we learn that within the aftermath of a lethal virus’s unfold on the island, Minerva reorganized human society spherical herself and her “helpers,” a legion of robots according to herself that any citizen of the island can near and interrogate for attend. This ability to investigate cross-test what change into mandatory and act highlights Minerva’s ability to “feature in [her] communit[y] in an observant and neutral draw.”

Nevertheless, as with many Aquarians, she becomes seriously fixed on her suggestions, and objects “strict social boundaries.” Most keen amongst these boundaries is the literal boundary of the island, that she does no longer allow any contributors to budge away, and doesn’t are making an attempt to let Finn budge away once he has returned. In a roundabout draw although, Finn is ready to persuade his mother to permit him to shut abet to Ooo and the 2 are ready to reveal thru digital actuality, highlighting Minerva’s “affinity for abstract conception [allowing her] to stare complications and innovate novel alternate options.”

Pisces: Flame Princess

Certain there’s an irony in Flame Princess being a water signal, but while you occur to mediate about that “feelings clarify the Pisces” and these beneath the signal are “selfless, non secular, and really mad by their interior wander” it makes sense. Flame Princess is one of basically the most emotionally outdated characters on the show as we view in “The Purple Throne” when she draws very sure boundaries with her ex Finn. We additionally view that she is a selfless ruler throughout her tenure on the throne of the Flame Kingdom, constantly striving for the simplest for her folks and offering “attend and therapeutic enhance to somebody who’s in want.”

Her emotional maturity and selflessness infrequently lead her to “retreat into a meditative solitude to recharge and investigate cross-test” as she does in “Frost & Fireplace” after Finn hurts her by pushing her to fight with Ice King. Finn’s manipulation is additionally sadly made more uncomplicated by the Pisces’ susceptibility to “score effortlessly wounded emotionally.” Overwhelmingly, love many Pisces, Flame Princess “mediate[s] within the ravishing of others” as we view in “The Cooler” and “Earth & Water” when she provides Princess Bubblegum the advisable thing about the doubt even when it would accept as true with better served her to be extra “discerning and discriminating.”

We additionally score to investigate cross-test her act as every poet and musician, two same outdated vocations for Pisces, thru her rapping in “The Song Hole” and “Son of Rap Undergo.”

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