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The Abby Scene That Went Too Far On NCIS


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By C.M. Crockford/As a lot as this level: Jan. 22, 2022 4: 41 pm EST

Being in law enforcement, the “NCIS” agents normally have to manufacture snap choices in the route of unhealthy and intense scenarios. This fashion that when in a whereas their judgments can seem rash. Other times their lickety-split pondering saves lives. Over the route of a ultimate 19 seasons and 400-plus episodes, several characters on the CBS procedural manufacture mistakes and commit morally ambiguous actions for the sake of their colleagues and nation. This can mean going too far with a suspect or endangering a partner’s existence in the route of a stressful standoff. For the Naval Prison Investigative Service agents, here is on the complete a flowery section of the job they have to dwell with.

In incompatibility, the sunny goth forensics investigator Abby (Pauley Perrette) stays launch air the discipline, so she hardly ever has the likelihood to “fracture erroneous” in comparison to Gibbs (Be conscious Harmon) or DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly). A beneficiant and sportive individual, Abby also doesn’t maintain Gibbs’ demons or the household considerations of Ziva (Cote de Pablo). Nonetheless, fans had been quiet taken aback at how Abby behaves with her colleagues in one explicit episode.

Redditors absorb explain with this Season 5 Abby moment

A 2019 Reddit post from u/TimeLordMaster108 on the r/NCIS subreddit mentioned Season 5 episode “Dog Tags” (by the utilization of IMDb), which consists of a scorching-button Abby scene. The episode kicks off when the group makes an are trying to wait on a warrant to a suspect, easiest they uncover the suspect tiring and the suspect’s dogs attacking Agent McGee (Sean Murray). McGee sustains a significant chunk hurt on his neck whereas defending himself, and non-fatally shoots the dogs to subdue him. Given the dogs’s drugs of humans whereas on the scene, the NCIS group also believes it’s the one who kills the suspect. 

Nonetheless, Abby sees things otherwise. Mad with McGee, she is satisfied that the dogs did nothing injurious and risks her occupation to present the dogs’s innocence. In an early scene in the “Dog Tags” episode, Abby berates McGee when she learns he shot the dogs and doesn’t bear in mind him when he tries to level the severity of the assault. While u/TimeLordMaster108 felt that Abby supposed well, they wrote that the dogs “virtually tore [McGee’s] arm off and gave him a existence-long difficulty of dogs however she doesn’t present the slightest bit of sympathy to her buddy, and she or he by no way apologizes.”

Fans agree Abby handled McGee way too harshly

Other Redditors agreed with u/TimeLordMaster108 that Abby’s drugs of McGee makes completely no sense. Taking into consideration how shut they’re, her infuriate feels enjoy a harsh response to McGee’s hurt. U/SHIELDSxYaYa commented that Abby also “forces (extra enjoy threatens) McGee to indubitably contribute for plant life for the dogs. AND LATER FORCES HIM TO TAKE HIM IN AS A PET.” In other locations, u/toadsanchez420 writes at utterly different aspects in a lengthy comment, “Curiously, this dogs she factual f***ing met is extra significant than her buddy, coworker, and ex-lover,” and goes on to level out that, no subject McGee telling her the truth about what took space, it’s ironic that “she tells him that ‘as soon as in a whereas you definately must face the actual fact in front of you and win it’” because she it seems to be doesn’t practice her maintain recommendation.

Abby could perchance perhaps perhaps savor animals however here is quiet very insensitive to what McGee went thru. She in the end proves the dogs’s innocence, even naming him Jethro after Gibbs, however that doesn’t mean McGee must have to adopt a semi-antagonistic animal who attacked him. It’s no longer one of her better moments on the crime drama.

Other NCIS fans stammer this Abby moment makes her unlikable

No longer easiest does Abby’s drugs of McGee in “Dog Tags” rub “NCIS” fans the injurious way, however many maintain also identified in separate Reddit threads that her conduct does her no favors. Basically, several fans published how Abby’s perspective in this Season 5 episode turned them off, with the consensus agreeing she turns into a egocentric, petulant individual they don’t revel in watching.

An August 2021 post on the r/NCIS subreddit entails a comment from u/realclowntime, who highlights “Dog Tags” as one of the significant worst “NCIS” episodes ever. The Redditor then characterizes the “NCIS” installment as one of the significant “quintessential ‘Abby is a petulant limited one factual cuz [sic]’ episodes.” Lawful about a months earlier, a complete thread devoted to “Dog Tags” popped up on r/NCIS from u/hpspnmag, who wrote at dimension about how the complete episode made them hate Abby. They explained that “the actual fact is that she became extremely unprofessional” went the time came to resign the dogs and went on to stutter a distaste for the way she doesn’t absorb McGee’s feelings into chronicle.

U/hpspnmag’s post elicited a comment from u/puppup23 that seems to be to finest sum up the complete explain with “Dog Tags” and the way it depicts Abby: “I repeatedly cherished early seasons Abby however as the present progressed I felt enjoy she obtained extra egocentric, childish, and unprofessional. It became a irregular regression, enjoy they tried too onerous to manufacture her quirky.”

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