The 8 Best Hair-Protecting Silk Hair Bonnets and Wraps

The 8 Best Silk Hair Bonnets and Wraps for 2020 and 2021

The 8 Best Hair-Protecting Silk Hair Bonnets and Wraps

Beauty sleep is for your hair, too.

Making sure your natural curls stay healthy goes beyond just using the right products during the day. You need to protect your curls while you sleep, too. That’s where silk hair bonnets and wraps come in. “Similar to a silk scarf or wrap, bonnets help your hair retain moisture, prevent frizz and help extend the life of your natural style or protective style as you sleep,” says author of “All Hair Is Good Hair” and celebrity hairstylist Annagjid “Kee” Taylor. “They allow your hair to have enough space for your natural curls to hold their shape, so they maintain natural styles a little bit better.”

Taylor further explains that silk’s natural texture is gentle against your hair and “glides over it seamlessly as you sleep.” Satin can work as well. Other fabrics such as cotton, however, will cause friction and snags which result in breakage and tangles. With that in mind, we asked Taylor for her tips on finding the right hair bonnet and found eight of the best ones out there.

Mane Bonnet - JUMBO Size

1. Mane Bonnet – JUMBO Size

Taylor’s personal pick is this one from The Mane Choice. “I love it. It comes in a Jumbo Size for those who have longer hair,” she says. “If you have longer hair, it’s best to get a bigger bonnet so all the hair can fit inside. You also want to make sure that the inner part of the bonnet is silk or satin.” This one is 100% satin and double-layered to keep hair fresh, shiny, and protected.

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Hair Wrap The Poppy

2. Hair Wrap The Poppy

Taylor explains that silk won’t absorb moisture, instead leaving it in your hair where it belongs. This hair wrap is made of 100% silk and helps extend time between washes and blow drying. Plus, we just love how chic and fun it looks.

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Lavender Purple Thai Floral Satin Bonnet

3. Lavender Purple Thai Floral Satin Bonnet

This bonnet is made with high-grade satin and is also double-layered so you can do deep conditioning treatments overnight. Plus, we’re obsessed with this beautiful lavender floral print.

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Qamata Silk-Lined White Headwrap - Headwraps

4. Qamata Silk-Lined White Headwrap – Headwraps

This stunning head wrap is silk-lined to protect your hair, whether you’re going to bed or just out running errands.

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Adjustable Slap - Satin-Lined Cap

5. Adjustable Slap – Satin-Lined Cap

This satin-lined cap is adjustable so you can get a perfect fit. Plus, it ensures the elastic stays comfortable the entire night.

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6. Juju

Isoken Enofe offers satin-lined bonnets that not only keep your hair hydrated and strong, but all bonnets are made with gorgeous Ankara prints.

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7. Ananse

The Peace Crown’d bonnets design includes elastic wrapped with the same silk-satin material used to protect hair so that you don’t wake up with a weird dent on your skin. Genius.

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Gold & Chocolate

8. Gold & Chocolate

Regardless of how long or short your hair is, Ebonnet by EboniCurls has got you covered (pun very much intended). The standard Ebonnet is oversized with an adjustable tie to get a perfect fit, but it comes in additional sizes including extra big ones for those wanting to wrap up braids. read more

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