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Tamara Gorro and Garay break their relationship

The influencer T amara Gorro and the soccer player Ezequiel Garay break up their relation. After twelve years of dating, the couple has put an end to their story.

Tamara Gorro has communicated it through her social network. Shocked and in tears, she has published a video entitled “Thank you for these twelve years.” “I have always said that we are not a perfect marriage , but there has come a time when you stagnate as a couple and you have two options: or continue and end up with wear that has no solution, or continue because there is love . We have decided to take a break with the faith and hope of continuing together “, he assures.

And it is that the famous hopes that they can resume their relationship in the future. In fact, they have not started the proceedings to get divorced. Of course, Gorro has revealed that they have been living together for several months without being a couple and that they are going to begin to separate .

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