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Talent explosion in podcast freedom

Do it yourself: The counterculture motto is as relevant as never before in the digital age. The phenomenon of the podcast is explained in how talent makes its way there. Anyone can afford to produce digital audio cheaply and, if they have good ideas, grow by word of mouth. And what is born as an alternative is often capable of reaching the masses. The same thing happens on video platforms: Ibai Llanos does not intend to do television, and he will not lack offers for it, but his on Twitch is becoming so similar that he will even have Ramon García with him giving the bells.

There are digital audios of ambitious production that the big media make, and radio programs with more impact on time delay; There are also podcasts that make the leap to radio. Others are the work of amateurs: a high school teacher from Granada, Juan Jesús Pleguezuelos, used his mobile to record pleasant history lessons for selectivity students and captured many who comb gray hair and left the classrooms far behind. And a format that offers closeness, complicity, spontaneity, the talk that does not seem to follow a script is booming (it is not like that: to improvise you have to prepare well).

In this new terrain, almost a new language, women tread very hard: Weekly deformed , My neighbor's yard, Malasmadres, Cabinet of curiosities … Funny, cheeky, combative. There is something liberating here: these creators are less exposed to the hostile public —those that haunts the networks—, because only one podcast follows the one that is already related. That, in these tense times, is an advantage.

They said that comics do not triumph in Spain: he emphatically denies it Stretching the gum , the space of Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín, which has taken the lead of the most listened to. They have started filming the show in packed theaters. And they sold out 12,000 tickets in one day for a special at the Wizink Center in Madrid next September. The new voices of entertainment have made themselves. That is why they are free.

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