Syfy Casts ‘Spider-Man’ Breakout Star Jacob Batalon In Upcoming Series ‘Reginald the Vampire’


While it’s always exciting to see a big star sign on to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (I mean, I for one still cannot believe Angelina Jolie will be in The Eternals), there’s something even more exciting: seeing a fresh face get their start through the MCU. The latest Marvel star to get the opportunity is none other than Peter Parker’s lovable best friend Ned — though his next role is anything but soft, sweet, and on the side. According to a The Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man breakout star Jacob Batalon is making the move to television and is set to star in Syfy’s upcoming Reginald the Vampire series.

Based on Johnny B. Truant’s Fat Vampire series, Reginald the Vampire is an hour-long dramedy that’s been picked up for ten episodes by NBCUniversal’s science-fiction network Syfy. The series follows Reginald Baskin (Batalon), a portly and unlikely hero who is thrust into the dangerous vampire underworld and finds himself an outcast among all the gorgeous (and vain) vampires we typically see in vampire media. Once he joins the world of the undead, Reginald is forced to deal with even more problems than crushes and mean bosses, including avoiding a vampire chieftain who wants him dead. Luckily for Reginald, vampirism comes with some perks and powers he wasn’t expecting and that will ultimately aid him on his hellish journey.

Harley Peyton of Twin Peaks and Syfy’s upcoming Chucky series is set to write Reginald the Vampire‘s script and serve as showrunner, as well as executive produce. Jeremiah Chechik (Shadowhunters) will also produce and direct. As of right now, no other stars or a release date have been attached to the project.