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Survivor 41 Winner Erika Casupanan Shares Her Thoughts On How The Show Can Improve Diversity

Precise to Jeff Probst’s note that lets all unswerving tumble the 4 and attach the 1, Survivor 41 looked replacement in every that you just would possibly perhaps factor in diagram. From the fresh advantages to changes on finale night, contestants and followers had to continually discontinue on their toes. Nonetheless the agreeable alternate of them all used to be the season having one among essentially the most diverse casts in the hide’s history, because of the CBS’ commitment to enhancing in that regard. Erika Casupanan, who obtained the title of Sole Survivor in December, has some suggestions, though, as to how the hide and media in regular can serene transfer the dial where vary is anxious.

Fact learn, Erika Casupanan’s triumph on Survivor 41 with a 7-1-0 final vote – stunning because it used to be to just a few followers – shook the proverbial table. It made her the first girl of color to buy since Natalie Anderson in San Juan del Sur in 2014, who used to be predated by Sandra Diaz-Twine in 2003 and 2010 and Vecepia Towery in 2001’s Marquesas sooner than that. It’s positively a shift in a more innovative route, but when requested on Sizzling On The Avenue about how vary in the leisure alternate enjoy to be approached interesting forward, especially serious referring to the complex conversations that materialized on 41, Casupanan acknowledged:

I believe more conversations about vary, more on-hide storytelling about diverse folks, is one thing that for distinct would possibly per chance serene proceed. I believe that yet every other step on this journey would possibly per chance per chance be making sure that there’s the agreeable folks on the again of-the-digicam who’re ready to instruct that diverse memoir to boot. So making distinct that it’s now not unswerving diverse skills and then, let’s instruct, very uniform folks on the again of the digicam making an are attempting to instruct that memoir. Nonetheless figuring out how we are succesful of believe distinct that that there’s also the those which can perhaps per chance be making the selections — when it comes to how some thing is edited or how one thing is produced or distributed — that also realize the memoir that diverse skills is telling.

The 32-year-traditional communications supervisor indubitably makes some handsome aspects. Despite makes an are attempting made by presentations like Survivor to enjoy more diverse skills, production groups are serene missing folks of color. In step with UCLA’s 2021 Hollywood Diversity Document, truly, ladies folk and folks of color were woefully underrepresented in on the again of-the-digicam positions in comparison to their white, male counterparts.  

Nonetheless, by adding more vary to their on-hide lineups, as soon as-taboo issues about flee got here about more on the entire than regular on Season 41 of Survivor. Most particularly, on the merge, four players solidified an all-Black alliance that surprisingly reflected a identical distress that befell on Immense Brother 23. Their group sooner or later fell apart with Shan Smith’s elimination, but it indubitably also encouraged a dialogue on the following tribal council as to how Deshawn Radden felt torn between particular person replacement and loyalty to the Black group overall. Smith herself reflected recently that she hopes the following season of the hide discovered where they would possibly per chance per chance’ve fell fast in pushing their alliance forward.

Additionally, Season 41 held more location for discussions about gender and sexuality to boot. Jeff Probst notoriously kicked off the season by asking for input on whether or now not his passe “Method on in, guys!” greeting used to be too presumptive. After Ricard Foye (whose husband is transgender) shared his standpoint, the host updated his vernacular on the placement. Contestant Evvie Jagoda, too, addressed audiences straight about her non-binary gender identity. Since then, she has expressed precisely why atypical illustration is so main for the hide.

Nonetheless, as we proceed to route of precisely what Survivor 41 did manage to raze in its shortened length of time, 42 is acceptable around the corner. Viewers would possibly per chance serene be having a explore out for the more subtle movers and shakers in the sport – like Erika Casupanan, as an illustration. Tune into the fresh season on CBS on March 9!

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