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Steve Agee Reveals How Hilarious John Cena Is On The Set Of Peacemaker – Exclusive


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By Tim Lammers/Jan. 27, 2022 11: 59 am EST

If there’s one actor who knows comedy, it’s Steve Agee. As a prolific performer who has collected greater than 140 conceal credit since he kicked off his profession in 2000, Agee has largely acted in comedic initiatives, at the side of visitor or recurring activates such hits as “Unique Lady,” “2 Broke Girls,” “Contemporary Family,” “Community,” and “Superstore.” On high of that, Agee has ventured into the tantalizing comedy realm, compiling speak credit on such beloved series as “Adventure Time,” “Rick and Morty,” and “American Dad!”

Working with author-director James Gunn has created a novel avenue for Agee, nonetheless, as the actor has gotten to journey how the filmmaker seamlessly infuses his comedic sensibilities into his initiatives, lightening up such superhero/supervillain movies as “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2” and “The Suicide Squad.” The latter film paired Agee with bound and staunch-lifestyles wrestling celeb John Cena, who showcased his abilities for comedy performing playing the prankish anti-hero Peacemaker. Fortuitously for Agee, Gunn invited the actor to hitch Cena over but again for the novel “Peacemaker” spinoff series, where Agee reprises his characteristic as John Economos — Job Drive X’s laptop wizard who offers technical fortify to Cena’s title character.

While Cena’s comedy was as soon as a immense allotment of “The Suicide Squad,” the profit for Agee is that he and Cena gain to riff on each diversified within the same space in “Peacemaker” since the 2 actors portion several scenes together. As such, Agee received a rare, up cessation and non-public alternative to mark Cena’s comedy stylings in bound to gain a fix on what exactly makes the actor tick.

Agee says Cena is beefy at improvising lines

In an extraordinary interview with Looper to focus on about “Peacemaker,” Agee acknowledged he knew going into “The Suicide Squad” that Cena had comedy chops, nonetheless working with him on the film and the series made him realize that his co-star had so vital more to offer.

“I’d seen glimpses of John’s humor, no longer as a human, nonetheless correct his comedic timing and stuff cherish ‘Trainwreck’ and the movie ‘Blockers,’ where he truly held his grasp as a comedic actor. So, I wasn’t greatly surprised when we started ‘Suicide Squad’ at how laughable he was as soon as, nonetheless I used to be as soon as greatly surprised at how correct of an improviser he was as soon as,” Agee printed. “Most of the stuff you look is written, nonetheless there’s times at the very slay of a scene where James will let us correct riff and scurry off. He continuously had one thing to disclose. He was as soon as never perplexed. He’s received reasonably a pair of beefy funny timing and he’s truly hasty with deliveries and he just isn’t at a loss.”

Cena shows a diversified aspect of Peacemaker within the series, Agee says

While Cena could delight in without complications been pegged as a clueless ogre you deserve to hate in “Peacemaker,” Gunn has given the anti-hero some depth within the series. It’s correct that Peacemaker is nonetheless a truly laughable character within the series, nonetheless the exploration of his refined upbringing along with his racist, volatile father, Auggie (Robert Patrick), shows the character in a vital diversified gentle, Agee acknowledged.

“Clearly, James writes laughable dialogue [for Peacemaker, where you say], ‘All honest, that’s laughable. This guy’s an a–gap, nonetheless that’s laughable.’ Nonetheless you’ll furthermore delight in some empathy in direction of him within the series because we explore why he’s an a–gap thru his relationship along with his father and you’ve truly open to feel sorry for him,” Agee shared with Looper. “You don’t hate him as vital. He’s without complications despised in “Suicide Squad” and within the TV series, that that you’ll want to perchance be feeling more sorry for him than you slay indignant with him. That’s a immense jump to variety for a personality cherish Peacemaker.”

“Peacemaker” is streaming exclusively on HBO Max. Unique episodes premiere on Thursdays.

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