Stephen Colbert Mocked Some Of The Latest Absurd Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy Theories Floating Around


From Rand Paul’s batsh*t belief that Democrats are “plucking” kids with COVID from the border and using them to create a new variant of the virus to Tomi Lahren’s claim that these new variants are some sort of diabolical plan to curb absentee voting, it can be hard to keep track of the latest conspiracy theories regarding COVID and the vaccines that can help you not die from it. Which is why Stephen Colbert introduced a new segment on Wednesday: “Disinformation Station.”

Among the latest cuckoo conjectures on Colbert’s agenda for this week include a Russian disinformation network that was recently banned by Facebook after sharing that COVID vaccines are turning people into chimpanzees. (Hey, it could happen.) Colbert also had some thoughts on the woman mentioned in The New York Times who was concerned about getting vaccinated because “a vaccine had caused the characters in the film I Am Legend to turn into zombies.”

“She refused the shot because it was the plot point of a zombie movie? Well I don’t think she has anything to worry about, because she clearly doesn’t have any braaainns! Plus, she’s wrong. What happens in I Am Legend is ‘an attempt to engineer the measles virus into a cancer cure goes awry, infecting most of humanity and turning people into zombie-vampire hybrids. Vaccines do not factor into the plot.’ Do you know what that means? I Am Legend has a plot! I had no idea. I thought it was just the story of Will Smith wanting a second vacation home.”

Also worth noting for that woman: I Am Legend is a movie.

You can watch the full segment above, which start around the 6:30 mark.