Stephen Colbert Called A Board Meeting Overrun By Anti-Vaxxers The ‘Most Insane Thing I Have Ever Seen Or Heard’


A San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting descended into nuttiness earlier this week when the topic of mask mandates came up. Groups with names like ReOpen San Diego, Let Them Breathe, and San Diego Rise Up loudly shared their thoughts on wearing masks and proof of vaccinations, including one speaker (a white dude with dreadlocks) who told the supervisors, “You are about to open a pit of hell. You do not get a vaccine passport put on us. You know as the population who’s in control… Once you get a power, you never relinquish it.” He then started mockingly chanting “Heil Fauci!”

The meeting left many people speechless, but not Stephen Colbert.

After playing a clip of another anti-vaxxer noting that “Saturn is in the same place it was during the American Revolution in 1776 and you are the red coats,” The Late Show host called it the “most insane thing I have ever seen or heard.” Later, Colbert’s attention turned to the “pit of hell” guy, who he dubbed Blob Marley. “OK, little advice,” he said. “I can see you’re passionate, I can see this is important to you, but I just want to remind you of the phrase, you catch more flies with honey than you do with crystal meth.”

You can watch the monologue above.