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Stephanie Beatriz Held Nothing Back When Shutting Down Disrespect On Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Set

In an interview with Vulture, when talking about advocating for herself, Stephanie Beatriz recalled one time when an older, male guest extensive name — she didn’t teach who — turned into as soon as calling other folks on space “babe” and “honey.” When he talked to Beatriz that device, she merely requested him to name her by her name, nonetheless he replied with: “All lawful, sweetie.” Rather than get that, she doubled down, asserting, “No. I am the truth is excessive. I am no longer sweetie. My name is Stephanie, and I’d such as you to name me by my steady name.”

It’s the more or less thing that would also have been abominable for her job in other cases, nonetheless she turned into as soon as supported by the “Brooklyn 9-9” solid and crew, who talked about she did the lawful thing and thanked her for “speaking up and making obvious that [she] felt jubilant in [her] work environment.” Within the previous, Beatriz talked about didn’t have as easy a time advocating for herself while on the job, nonetheless now she’s no longer unnerved to earn fired if she feels the must stick up for herself. “That turned into as soon as our display cloak,” she talked about. “It’s our apartment, and I wasn’t going to let him come into our apartment and disrespect the crew, the opposite actors, myself.” Evidently, Beatriz is merely as noteworthy a badass as Rosa is.

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