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Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes Reacts To TikTok Video Of Fan’s Expert Execution Of The Riker Maneuver

Famous particular person Whisk has no shortage of attention-grabbing, interesting, and admirable characters. Followers can argue for ages about who’s the discontinue different for every of these adjectives, though I think many agree that there’s finest one definitive different for “frosty.” Jonathan Frakes’ William T. Riker is successfully considered one of the indispensable coolest people to ever grace Starfleet, to the level that even the strategy he sits in a chair is awed by the fandom. 

One fan not too long previously recreated the “Riker Maneuver” on-line, and Jonathan Frakes knowing needed to review it for himself. Study out Frakes’ response to this hilarious Tik Tok (by technique of Paramount ), which is in a position to be seen below.

Jonathan Frakes regarded to bask in that, and as a Famous particular person Whisk: The Next Expertise fan myself, it isn’t laborious to review why. Seeing the guy execute the Riker Maneuver over bigger and oddly designed chairs used to be a marvelous contact, and it wouldn’t be a Riker meme if it didn’t produce some reference to his womanizing ways. If finest this fan did one scene the put he bought in a chair whereas wearing the headset Riker wore in “The Sport,” it can per chance well per chance’ve been the ultimate sketch!

For these always weird and wonderful about the origins of Riker’s unfamiliar strategy of sitting, the actor claimed the kind first began in the Famous particular person Whisk: The Next Expertise episode “Ten Ahead.” Frakes licensed that on the ache, the backs of the chairs were so low that it’s barely easy to swing a leg over and take a seat the strategy he did. Frakes remarked the maneuver felt bask in a “cocky, unattractive, rotten cowboy switch,” and he opinion there’s no strategy he’d unquestionably be in a position to raise out it on the display. As estimable fortune would have it, no one stopped him or tried to lower the scene, and thus, the Riker Maneuver used to be born. 

It’s knowing considered one of the indispensable many reasons that followers bask in William T. Riker and why Famous particular person Whisk: The Next Expertise remains considered one of the licensed works of the franchise to right this moment time. In spite of all the things, the series has maintained peak relevance as of slack with Famous particular person Whisk: Picard, which welcomed back Jonathan Frakes in his iconic feature. He’s confirmed to seem in Season 2, and whereas I will be capable to’t guarantee we’ll quiz him strive to raise out a Riker Maneuver over one thing as mountainous as a computer chair, I’d applaud the ache if he tried. I’d also knowing be frosty with seeing him engage with extra broken-down solid contributors from TNG, and it appears bask in we’ll procure a minimal of 1 scene of that occurring in the upcoming season

Famous particular person Whisk: Picard Season 2 premieres over at Paramount on Thursday, March 3. With that and plenty of different Whisk reveals on the strategy in 2022, now might per chance well per chance be as upright a time as any to elevate up a Paramount subscription and web on the franchise. 

Mick likes upright tv, however also actuality tv. He grew up on Famous particular person Wars, DC, Surprise, and pro wrestling and loves to discuss about and dissect most of it. He’s been writing on-line for over a decade and by no strategy dreamed he’d be in the region he’s right this moment time.

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