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Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes On Whether The Whole Next Generation Cast Could Still Reunite On Picard

Well-known particular person Drag: Picard is a treat for many followers of The Next Technology, especially those who never believed Patrick Stewart would return to the franchise. Now, he’s aid, and as followers could well presumably endure in mind, he and Well-known particular person Drag mastermind Alex Kurtzman once spoke about a wish to encompass your complete major solid of TNG into the sequence if they could. It’s an ambitious aim and one that I lately asked Jonathan Frakes regarding the logistics of it going down. 

Jonathan Frakes, who played Riker in Well-known particular person Drag: The Next Technology and reprised the position for Picard, furthermore has ties to the franchise by his numerous directorial credit ranking. I asked him whether he intention a TNG reunion turned into once aloof that that you just would be capable to presumably presumably furthermore factor in given struggles with production shutdowns and the very fact the sequence is in the mean time in production for Season 3. Here’s what the actor needed to recount:

Oh, that’s a marvelous ask. I mediate that we bought a taste of it in the field that Picard visited and chanced on Riker and Troi. So we’ve carried out that. So, , we’ve had a diminutive little bit of reunion where he involves take into memoir how we’re and where we left the enterprise to buy a see at and set our son. That turned into once in Season 1 of Picard. So, it’s a pretty sophisticated endeavor to mediate revisiting all that glory. It’d be fun, even when.

It sounds treasure Jonathan Frakes isn’t too particular regarding the percentages of a fleshy-scale Well-known particular person Drag: The Next Technology reunion going down on Picard. Frakes will return to Season 2 of Picard both as an actor and director and shares a scene with significant Well-known particular person Drag actor John de Lancie. I’d wager he is conscious of a thing or two regarding the percentages of this TNG reunion going down.

While a valuable reunion between TNG actors could well presumably no longer be planned for Well-known particular person Drag: Picard, we attain know that there shall be extra mini-reunions treasure the individual that happened between Picard, Riker, and Deanna Troi in Season 1. Jonathan Frakes confirmed to CinemaBlend that he’ll portion a scene in Season 2 with John de Lancie and one other significant veteran of The Next Technology: Brent Spiner. The scene will feature intention to be one of Spiner’s Soong household characters, and per Frakes, it is intention to be one of his favorite scenes of the season.

The ask remains proper what number of actors from Well-known particular person Drag: The Next Technology will seem on Picard earlier than the stop, and if the ambitious aim of that contains your complete major solid is doable. Gates McFadden talked about to CinemaBlend that there could well presumably’ve been plans for her to look in Season 2, however production shutdowns changed lots of the yarn route for the upcoming season. It’s that that you just would be capable to presumably presumably furthermore factor in that’s furthermore why LeVar Burton perceived to trace at his involvement in the remark at one level however later confirmed it wasn’t going down. For now, all we are able to achieve is wait and hope that irrespective of the remark does is something followers treasure the total same. 

Well-known particular person Drag: Picard Season 2 streams on Paramount in February. Equipment up for the return of Q by binging the old season or attempting out some of the opposite original Drag shows treasure Prodigy or Discovery.

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