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Square Enix to Release Chrono Cross Remaster on April 7

At this year’s Nintendo Recount, Square Enix announced a remaster of the classic PS1 RPG game, Chrono Horrid. The remaster is coming to Nintendo Swap, PS4, Steam, and Xbox One on April 7, below the Chrono Horrid: The Radical Dreamers Model title. That you can even survey the announcement video on their YouTube channel, which aspects the enduring theme tune “Scars of Time” (or “Time’s Scar”):

The game used to be launched in 1999 and is determined within the same world as every other classic game, Chrono Establish of living off, which used to be launched in 1995 for the SENS. Chrono Horrid used to be designed by Masato Kato, with attend from other these that worked on Chrono Establish of living off, such as artwork director Yasuyuki Honne and composer Yasunori Mitsuda. Nobuteru Yuuki used to be the persona dressmaker.

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The story follows a younger boy named Serge, who learns of an replacement world the put he died as a bit of 1. He then travels between the worlds to characterize the thriller, with over 40 characters who can join the gain together searching on the participant’s choices.

They mentioned just a few enhancements were made for the Chrono Horrid Swap remaster. They added the flexibility to expose enemy encounters on or off, an auto-fight feature, refined persona illustrations, higher-quality background music, the 3D models were upgraded to HD, amongst other things. The game can even encompass RADICAL DREAMERS – Le Trésor Interdit –, which used to be launched in 1996 as a standalone game. It’s the story that “went on to turn out to be the hypothesis for CHRONO CROSS in an audio unusual format”.

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