Special ‘Loki’ Branded Loki Charms Are Coming To A Marvel Fan’s Breakfast Very Soon

Loki’s midweek arrival on Disney has plenty of Marvel fans excited to see the trickster god back in fine form and, well, alive. You know, maybe.

But before all that gets underway on the Disney streaming service, there are some convenient product tie-ins to show off. And the latest one is a very cleverly-named cereal that certainly fits the bill for the chaotic neutral superhero. Lucky Charms detailed a tie-in and a name change on Monday: Loki Charms, with a slightly modified catch phrase that matches Loki’s nature: Mischievously Delicious.

The cereal company set up a website specifically for the ad, in which Lucky the Leprechaun names off all the marshmallow shapes in Lucky Charms, then makes a mysterious portal he gets sucked into. He reemerges as a cartoon version of Loki, then swaps out the regular box with a special Loki-themed one.

Lucky Charms

According to the site, the special Loki Charms go on sale Wednesday, just in time for the show’ debut. But there’s a bit of a twist here: if you can figure out the encrypted password, you’ll get access to the sale two hours early. For those who really want to complete their Marvel merch collection, that password might be a bit of a project. But knowing the rabid fans Loki and the MCU has, I’m sure it’s a task they will crack in no time.