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Spain also wins the 'thriller'

Spain has many faces and, at the moment, they are all worth it to come out the winner game after game in the European Championship. A day after being outspoken against Germany, he touched on his escapist side. Everything serves to sing his fifth win without fail and see the semifinals up close (he leads the group with six points with two days to go). The team lived on a Ferris wheel, especially in the last 15 minutes, and the players ended up jumping like children.

She was almost lost, she practically won it, she came to celebrate the victory and, with the time expired, she ended up doomed to a seven-meter throw from Russia after the referees went to the video arbitration to review the last action. It would have meant the tie, but Igor Soroka, tuned during a section of the afternoon, stamped the ball on the post and, there yes, Spain was released. Again a final squeeze when he found himself against the corner in the 45th minute (22-18) rescued the team thanks to a 3-8 run.

Despite their long blackout after the break, the team reacted quickly and had several opportunities to finish off Russia before condemning themselves to that tachycardic ending. However, he missed three possessions to put up a two-goal lead and the afternoon came at the expense of a final eight-second action from Russia. The ball reached the right-handed winger Daniil Shishkarev, who dodged Ángel Fernández as best he could but did not get past Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas. The horn sounded and the Spaniards launched into celebration. It seemed that everything was over, until the referees rewound the play on the monitor and ended up calling a penalty because they noticed an infraction by Fernández.

A few minutes of anguish to add more joy to the 17th undefeated match in a row in a European, more than anyone else in history. This Sunday, against the powerful Norway (20.30), they will have the first option to close the pass to the semifinals. On the last day, Poland awaits. What was an unknown a week ago, is now something that is one step away. And for this he will have the help of one who was already considered missing in the national team (Dani Sarmiento, 37 years old), rescued urgently due to the casualties due to the covid of Joan Cañellas and Ian Tarrafeta.

To begin with, the Spanish attack continued to breathe through the lungs of Agustín Casado. The boy from Carboneras had never seen another one like it, but few things upset him. As if he was still on the court against Germany, the game against Russia started at full speed: four goals in the first 15 minutes. Without flinching and with solutions for almost everything, also to score on foot changed and with the body tilted. The man from Almería received at that point the help of another who was also left wanting more against the Germans, Jorge Maqueda, author of three goals.

Spain, yes, was not as round as it was 24 hours ago. Above all, due to several failures in launches from six meters. It is not the first time that he suffers this crack in the European either. What did not loosen was the goal. If Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas came out against Germany, until the break his friend from youth Rodrigo Corrales did, who in the first half made nine saves and a more than remarkable 45% success. On the other hand, his colleague Victor Kireev was not far behind, with eight interventions and 40%. Between each other, and with the help of the powerful arm of Chema Márquez, the Hispanics reached the break ahead (11-12).

However, everything melted down at the start of the second half. Corrales stopped stopping (an intervention in the first eight pitches), the defense was shaken, Casado took 20 minutes to score again and Russia grew like foam. Dmitrii Santalov was a hammer, with six goals in the second act. The only one who relieved Spain was Ángel Fernández.

Ribera ordered constant defensive changes, but the solution was neither quick nor easy. Only when he was really in a hurry, with that 22-18, was he able to steal several balls and balance the match. The task was also helped, and a lot, by Pérez de Vargas, who in his 20 minutes on the track contributed six interventions and a 46% success rate. With all this, Spain took the lead again, having several occasions to liquidate Russia. He was wrong and the day ended in a thriller.

ending Russia, 25 – Spain, 26

Rusia: Kireev; Shishkarev (2), Kotov (2), Zhitnikov (1), Santalov (6), Soroka (4) y Andreev (3) -equipo inicial- Grushko (ps), Vorobev (-), Vinogradov (2), Ostashchenko ( -), Kornev (1p), Dzemin (-), Ermakov (3), Vrachevich (-) y Kamenev (1)

Spain: Corrales; Solé (3p), Maqueda (4), Guardiola (-), Peciña (-), A. García (1) and Ariño (-) -initial team- Pérez de Vargas (ps), Gurbindo (-), Á. Fernández (4), Figueras (1), Casado (7), Aleix Gómez (2), Márquez (4), Sánchez-Migallón (-) and Odriozola

Score every five minutes: 3-2, 4-4, 8-7, 9- 8, 10-10 and 11-12 (Break) 16-14, 19-16, 21-18, 23-23, 25-26 and 25-26 (Final)

Referees: Hansen and Madsen. They excluded Ermakov for two minutes.

Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava.

The route of the Hispanics

Next Rivals

This Sunday, Norway (20.30). Tuesday, Poland (15.30). Both by Tdp

Group classification

Spain 6 points

Norway 4

Sweden 4

Germany 2

Russia 2

Poland 0

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