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Sony’s ‘VERSEⁿ’ VTuber Project Releases MV, Character Lineup, Sets Debut Date

Following the teaser the VTuber project made on November 1st this year, ‘VERSEⁿ’, the new Vtuber project from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), has officially launched its first music video, as well as released the character description of the new project and their debut dates.

The music video, titled ‘VERSEn – Episode | Kusou’, follows the story of Rin, the key character of this project, as she begins to see images of herself with other girls in various worlds and visions of the collapsing world, which all leads to her feeling anxious after seeing them in her imagination.

The beautiful visuals for the music video were made possible by Yukiko Horiguchi, known as the chief animation director and for her character designs across anime series like K-On! and Lucky Star. In addition, maxilla, known for the opening movie of Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia and Darling in the Franxx”, also participated in the visual production.

According to Sony Music Entertainment, all of the lore surrounding the characters of the ‘VERSEⁿ’ will be revealed in various media in the future. The mystery surrounding the reasons behind why these 5 girls became VTubers in the real world and their stories will be revealed and told in various media in the upcoming future. All of the characters are set to debut on 19 November, with varying time schedules.

Meet Sony Music’s ‘VERSEⁿ’ Character Lineup


As the main character of this project, Sony Music describes her as ‘a bit shy and tends to hide her real feelings, but on the internet, she is cheerful and active’.


Character Design: Aka Akasaka

She is described as being shy around strangers, and that she likes to work at her own pace. She is also described as having a and has a very unique sense of being, maybe too unique in a way that her friends can’t keep up. In addition, she has extensive knowledge, especially in languages.

Her character design is made by Akasaka Aka, known for his manga Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. She officially debuts on 19 November at 9PM (JST). Check out her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter.


Character Design: raemz

Her character is described as being ‘serious, hard working, caring and a reliable presence in the group’. In context, she grew up in a strict background so she can be a bit stubborn at times. Yet, she is curious about many things and has the guts to challenge herself and the difficulties she faces.

She officially debuts on 19 November at 10PM (JST). She is on YouTube and Twitter as well.


Character Design: Shugao

As the ‘mood maker’ of the group, she is described as being ‘happy, innocent and free minded’. She has the tendency to get involved with other people’s troubles but she is actually always very sensitive about the situation she is getting into.

She officially debuts on 19 November at 7:30PM (JST) on her YouTube Channel. You can also follow her on Twitter.


Character Design: Kane

One of the singers of the ‘VERSEⁿ’ lineup, her character is described as that even in lonely and sorrowful times, she never stops singing and expressing her emotions. Furthermore, She is strict with herself and does not like socializing. However she also has a sweet side and is very caring and affectionate for others.

She debuts on 19 November at 8:30PM (JST). Check out both her YouTube Channel, as well as on Twitter.


Character Design: popman3580

Another singer on the project, she is often seen as being thought to be carefree and uninvolved, but she is actually a very thoughtful person. She grew up in a fulfilled environment with everything she needs, but somehow she had always felt awkward about her surroundings.

She debuts on 19 November at 7:00PM (JST) on her YouTube Channel. You can also follow her on her official Twitter account.

The upcoming VTuber project from Sony seems intriguing, and we’ll meet the ‘VERSEⁿ’ girls next week!

Source: Press Release / Banner: Sony Music Japan, ©SML&HLX

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