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Snowpiercer’s Daveed Diggs And Mickey Sumner Dish On Working With Sean Bean And Jennifer Connelly – Exclusive Interview


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By Katy Kroll/Jan. 24, 2022 9: 33 am EST

On the cease of Season 2 of “Snowpiercer,” de facto practice leader Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) disappeared whereas venturing outdoor in the freezing cool, leaving Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) and his cohorts behind on a practice that rapidly splits in half of. Season 3, which premieres tonight on TNT, picks up with Layton and his inside circle commanding a shrimp ten-automobile “pirate practice” seeking Melanie and a conceivable warm residing to restart civilization.

Additionally starring Sean Bean (“Sport of Thrones,” the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy) and Mickey Sumner (“Frances Ha,” “CBGB”), the “Snowpiercer” series is in step with the 2013 cult-hit movie of the identical title by Oscar winner Bong Joon-Ho that follows a nonstop practice circling the globe whereas carrying the final remnants of society who acquire survived a latest ice age. As leaders of the practice insurrection, Layton and his ally Bess Unless (Sumner) are embroiled in nonstop poke that continuously leads them to fixing mysteries collectively.

Diggs and Sumner, the daughter of legendary musician Sting, no longer too prolonged in the past sat down with Looper to discuss the brand new season, including what it’s been esteem working with Connelly and Bean, and what their dream hurry-off label would possibly perhaps presumably be.

Shedding Jennifer Connelly has created a ‘colossal wrinkle’ in the storyline

In the outdated two seasons, Jennifer Connelly used to be a indispensable presence on the label. However this season, she’s presumably long gone. How get it’s most likely you’ll presumably presumably additionally be feeling her exit has affected the label? And get you miss working alongside with her?

Daveed Diggs: We’re lost without her. Shall we tranquil give up. There’s no methodology to transfer forward without Jen. [Laughs.] Successfully, for me from a memoir perspective, in loads of how that used to be Layton’s largest ally. They had been enemies, clearly, nonetheless by methodology of other folk who he would possibly perhaps presumably in fact work with to electrify replace, Melanie used to be his ally, and she’s long gone now, and now [Layton] has to determine ideas to be a frontrunner without that. That’s a colossal wrinkle, nonetheless also, working with Jen is big when she’s around. It’s boss.

Mickey, I in fact feel esteem every season Bess turns into a better, extra indispensable personality. What’s been the largest speak of portraying her? And, on the flip side, what makes her fun to play?

Mickey Sumner: There are no longer any genuine challenges. The challenges are all fun. I embrace all of them. I esteem the physicality of this personality. I esteem her awkward, weak moments when she struggles to trust and struggles with connection.  I esteem her loyalty in direction of Layton, nonetheless, namely in Season 3, she in fact begins to expect and prod at his mission, which used to be in fact fun … to no longer continuously accept as true with Andre. Yeah, no challenges, upright all fun.

Sticking with you for a second, Mickey, your dad has finished some appearing, including a wide comedic characteristic in the original “Handiest Murders in the Building.” Attain you guys ever replace appearing notes, or did he give you any memorable advice going into the series?

Sumner: No … I don’t safe into consideration my dad an actor. I disclose he comes to me for advice. I’m upright kidding. He’s a wide performer, nonetheless we don’t in fact discuss work stuff.

Sean Bean is grew to turn into as a lot as ’11 your complete time’ on enviornment

What are your well-liked scenes to movie collectively, and does any individual scene in particular stand out?

Sumner: I essentially acquire a couple.

Diggs: I esteem every scene with Mickey. She’s my well-liked.

Sumner: At some point soon, they’re going to jot down a label for Daveed and me, where we upright derive to play cops or detectives and derive to be in every scene collectively since it’s upright too mighty fun. We had one in fact fun explosion scene…

Diggs: Yeah, we got loads of swish stuff this season, and in all seasons, nonetheless I’ll save that available upright now, in case any one’s [reading] this — cop duo, cop comedic drama with me and Mickey … I’m in, completely 100% in. So, any individual write it, and we’ll get it.

Any attention-grabbing recollections or scenes with Sean Bean? He makes an tremendous irascible guy as Mr. Wilford…

Diggs: Sean Bean’s at 11 your complete time. My well-liked scene I’ve ever shot with him is, I’m able to’t stutter you about it since it’s on this season, nonetheless he had such an absence of speak for his dangle safety taking pictures it, and I used to be terrified for him. He used to be upright esteem, “Hit me!” He went for it, and I used to be very impressed, and needed to reconsider my dangle physicality rather slightly.

Sumner: For me, rising up in England, Sean Bean used to be this form of hero of mine. Any time to be on enviornment with him has been slightly of a pinch-me moment.

In novel, what has been essentially the most convenient memory, whether or no longer silly or poignant, that stands out essentially the most from all three seasons to this level?

Sumner: I disclose it’s the solid and the crew. I’ll teach it and protect asserting it, nonetheless it’s one among essentially the most attention-grabbing jobs, in that I upright fell in luxuriate in with each person, and we turned into a genuine household. These relationships we acquire created, off camera moreover on, are life-prolonged, and I’m in fact grateful for it.

Diggs: Yeah, identical. Namely final season, which can presumably tranquil were in fact, in fact exhausting for the reason that borders had been shut. Most of us who frail to head query our households at some level couldn’t get that, nonetheless I got to use so mighty time outdoor of the label with these very kindly other folk and switch into even extra of a household. As exhausting as final season used to be, it used to be a testomony to how very kindly the opposite folk around us are. We had a truly swish time.

Season 3 of “Snowpiercer” premieres tonight on TNT, with subsequent episodes airing every Monday at 9 p.m. ET.

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