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Snowpiercer Executive Producer Talks What’s Next For Layton And Wilford After Surprising Season 3 Twist

Warning! The following incorporates spoilers for the Snowpiercer Season 3 episode “The First Blow.” Study at your indulge in risk!

Snowpiercer lastly had Layton and Wilford glide to war (one thing Daveed Diggs completely appreciated), and whereas it gave the influence love either facet interesting for a prolonged and grueling bump into, your entire ordeal ended moderately posthaste. Layton managed to corner Wilford, and the mastermind in the attend of the Eternal Engine commanded the crew of Wide Alice to stand down.  

So, what’s next for Layton and Wilford after that hideous twist? I spoke to Snowpiercer director and govt producer Christoph Schrewe, and he talked about showrunner Graeme Mason and teased there’s soundless heaps of time left in Season 3.

Graeme Manson our showrunner loves the surprising twists and turns. The last note will not be spoken. . .up to now it is doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps need seen the combat. There is a chance that Layton might perhaps possibly perhaps presumably decide the first round, nonetheless who knows? It’s not over. Let’s do apart it that formula. Every time you suspect it’s over, it’s not over.

Andre Layton might perhaps possibly perhaps presumably’ve won the combat, nonetheless as Christoph Schrewe talked about, there’s soundless a war occurring. Obviously, Layton scored a gigantic decide with the Wide Alice and Snowpiercer crews with the promise of an out of doors, warmth zone that they’ll all be in a local to are residing on, and he had the obedient prop in Asha, the girl from outside the prepare. Asha backed up Layton’s memoir and added the records that she’s from the zone herself. 

Asha isn’t telling the fact, actually, and there’s a handful of individuals on the prepare that actually know that. Layton, Ruth, Ben, Alex (conducted by Rowan Blanchard), and others are correct a couple of of the folk that collectively agreed to withhold the secret, all in a vote of self assurance that Layton knows what he’s doing following his mysterious vision. It’s also price noting that Melanie’s science experiments (which bought a standalone episode) from Season 2 finish confirm the Earth is warming, so it’s not love every person fervent is blindly following Layton’s vision. 

Snowpiercer’s Andre Layton is taking half in a hazardous sport. He’s handiest correct regained withhold watch over of Wide Alice and Snowpiercer and straight pushed a lie in articulate to trick a democratic vote on the prepare’s route in his settle on. That’s one thing that will perhaps perhaps with out difficulty be prone in opposition to Layton and potentially shift the scales attend in settle on of Wilford or correct about any individual desperate to proceed the prepare. Layton first won withhold watch over of the prepare by exposing a lie, so it’s not wild to deem he might perhaps possibly perhaps presumably lose it the same formula. 

For now, though, Layton is on top of things on Snowpiercer, which airs Mondays at 9: 00 p.m. ET on TNT. It’s correct surely one of many must-stare reveals in the 2022 TV agenda, all of which might perhaps also very neatly be gigantic to bewitch up on all over this minute lull in programming in the cool weather season. 

Mick likes right television, nonetheless also actuality television. He grew up on Star Wars, DC, Shock, and knowledgeable wrestling and loves to discuss about and dissect most of it. He’s been writing on-line for over a decade and by no formula dreamed he’d be in the quandary he’s right this moment time.

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