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Slow Life Fantasy Classroom for Heroes Gets a TV Anime

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2021)

It was announced in the 12-volume obi released on September 24 that a TV animation project for the light novel “Hero Class” by Shin Araki is underway. “Hero Class” is a school every day fantasy that begins when a former brave boy, Blade, who has lost his power, enrolls in an elite school for the purpose of training heroes. The illustration is by Haruyuki Morisawa, and the monthly Shonen Gangan (Square Enix) also serializes a comicalize by Koara Kishida.


Former hero boy Blade who lost all the power of the hero in a trade-off with the Demon King. I should be able to become an ordinary student, but the school I was enrolled in was an elite school that trains heroes !? Of course, the students who attend there are excellent. However, Blade, who was a “real” hero, is too heroic in all his mental and physical skills !? The school building was half destroyed in the practical class! He is an old friend of the king and has a good taste! 

Even if you are glared at by the scary sister who is the “empress” of the school, you will not notice it !!! Even at the school where you are panicking due to the escape of the dragon, only one person is eating cutlet curry at his own pace !? “Biology” hero’s unreasonable, unreasonable, reckless, unnatural “Heisei Gakuen I Life” !? Opening here now !!

Source – Comic Natalie

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