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Sling TV Has A Free Month And More Deals Coming At Ya For Black Friday And Cyber Monday

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It can be really difficult to choose between the myriad  options out there for streaming, but one of the big ways to save a little in your wallet but to still maintain some semblance of a regular TV experience is to subscribe to Sling TV. The Live TV streaming service has several different packages for families already, and those packages have gotten a whole lot cheaper for the holidays. That’s right, if you’re looking around for some streaming deals Sling is going hard (and I guess also going into homes) for Black Friday.

While there are plenty of other holiday deals out there this November, if you’re looking around for how to save a few bucks, Sling has a big deal rolling out for the Black Friday through Cyber Monday period, AKA November 26-November 29th. The deal is for new subscribers and involves a discounted rate for two months of the service. Two, you may ask? There’s a reason! 

How Subscribing To Sling TV Between Now And Cyber Monday Will Get You A Discount

Switching from cable to Sling (or maybe even another TV streamer to Sling) is not always the easiest decision.  So, if you aren’t already familiar with Sling TV, the basic gist is that the service offers three types of packages:

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Orange and Blue

Those bullet points may sound a bit like Geometry logic proofs, but they are just customized packages for families with different interests. In fact, each of the three different streaming packages offer some different channels. The full channel lineup can be viewed here, with Orange offering 32 channels and Blue offering 43 channels, both for $35 a month (before these Black Friday discounts). The Orange package is more family-centric and only offers one device stream, while the Blue package is more news-centric and offers three. A third option gives you both Orange and Blue channels — though to note there is overlap in both packages– for $50 a month.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal essentially is a buy one month, get the next month free sort of deal. So, that means you would be committing to at least two months up front, though I’m assuming Sling hopes you like the service enough you’ll stick around for many more. To note though, it’s only for new and not current customers. So, if you already purchased Sling, you won’t be getting a free month all wrapped up with a bow in your stocking.  

The good news is that for the number of channels you get, Sling is already a reasonable price and a good option for people who do like the benefits of live TV and like having channels like History or HGTV on a lot (OK or ID, I did not forget about the ID diehards out there). There are other streaming services — I’m looking at you YouTube TV — out there that do offer more channels, but the cost is also quite a bit more expensive. So, it’s really sort of figuring out what’s the best fit for what you like to watch and how you like to watch TV. 

Even following Black Friday, Sling is really looking to expand its subscriber base, so you can usually keep your eyes peeled for a wide variety of deals. Recently, Sling had also offered a deal where if you subscribed you could be eligible for a free Chromecast, so if you really are looking for other types of discounts, keep you eyes peeled on Sling’s deal page.

With a slew of Christmas movies and some upcoming HGTV holiday specials including Home Town: Ben’s Holiday Workshop coming up, there should be some happy holiday TV watching ahead indeed. Check out more with our Christmas movies and TV schedule if you’re still debating about whether or not now is a good time to figure out some new options for your or your family. 

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