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SIPCAM develops an innovative system for interpreting plant nutrition with a powerful digital tool

Obtaining the maximum yield of a crop does not only depend on the soil , climate or phytosanitary products that are applied in isolation. SIPCAM , with more than 50 years of experience in nutrition behind him , has launched the 'software' CropBalance taking into account all the factors that influence the development of crops in an integrated way . In this way, the company makes all its scientific knowledge available to technicians and farmers to guarantee a more rational and sustainable use of nutrients and biostimulants .

Breaking the vision traditional fertilization in which a product was applied for each situation or specific need, SIPCAM provides a complete approach. CropBalance treats the crop as a living and changing system . Therefore, analyzes in detail multiple factors such as the type of harvest, its age, location, climate, soil and water, as well as all the variables and ratios that may have an impact on your performance . A powerful associated computer development also makes it possible to simplify the interpretation of the results to facilitate their use. The result: a tailor-made recommendation so that each plot can give the best of itself .

How CropBalance works

All farmers with the ambition to improve their crops and get the most out of them will have the opportunity to take advantage of CropBalance. To do this, they should contact their usual SIPCAM distributor and, from there, the process will begin. Providing a analysis of the soil and water very similar to the traditional ones, together with the main parameters of the crop, the software analyzes the situation and recommends the best practices regarding nutrition. “In this way, the success of the fertilization and biostimulation program is maximized and guaranteed. More is not always better; an intelligent subscriber is necessary ”, declares Xosé Lois Devesa , head of the company's digital transformation .

Under the motto “Balance your crop” , CropBalance stands out for its versatility, since is adapted to multiple crops and it has a cross-platform format . “Offering this service will undoubtedly change the way of understanding plant nutrition and users will understand how it can be transcendental when it comes to improving the profitability of the harvest,” he adds.

An added value of the program is its data storage capacity and past campaigns for see the evolution and the main parameters of the crop . However, two of the notable particularities are that the recommendation may be supervised by the SIPCAM technical team and that it already has multiple success stories in different crops and areas of Spain.

“Between 2020 and 2021 we used the system in a vineyard in Badarán (DO Rioja) in which we found a significant imbalance in the cultivation. With the help of our team, led by José Ramón Gómez, we doubled the grape production of the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay varieties. Another example, led by Teresa Molina, was that of a Sevillian olive grove with high temperature stress and soil blocking. Thanks to CropBalance, a greater vigor was achieved in the plants and a higher production, even in the extreme conditions of Aljarafe ”, says Devesa.

Within the scope of distribution

In the past Client Convention 2021, held earlier this month in Valencia , SIPCAM presented its new advanced nutrition system , which will be available for distribution. CropBalance will mean “a before and after because it considers the crop within an ecosystem that we completely analyze,” explained the Director of Marketing and Business Development José Ramón Soler during the event.

After two years paralyzed by the pandemic, the event was held in person: “An opportunity to strengthen ties with our distributors, which we have undoubtedly taken advantage of to analyze new market trends, present new product and service launches, as well as the new investments we are making in our factory ”, adds Soler.

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