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Simeone: «There is a lot of neglect and we pay for it with defeats that we do not deserve»

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Atlético de Madrid succumbed to a good Granada, which follows in the wake of Jorge Molina's great moment, and added its fourth defeat in the League. Without a doubt, the Cholo are living their worst moment since their paths met a decade ago. While Atlético is bleeding to death, the atmosphere in the locker room, how could it be otherwise, is dire. As soon as the match ended, the captain Koke showed his face at the Movistar microphones. In hot, and with his face compressed, he appealed to bad fortune: «They kick us and they score us goals for the squad» , in relation to the great goal by Darwin Machís, the goal with which Granada tied the match in their fiefdom.

Shortly after, it was time to criticize the referee in relation to the goal disallowed by Joao Félix for a foul on Luis Suárez. «On Sevilla's day they score us a goal like Joao Félix's today and the referees accept it as good. Not today ”, declared the captain. Ultimately, the midfielder left a message of optimism to his fans: “The victories are going to come for sure, because the team is trying.”

Shortly after, a taciturn Diego Simeone through the Nuevo Los Cármenes press room. Like his captain, from the beginning of his appearance the Argentine turned to fortune: «At this moment we are not finding the victories that at some point we deserved . It is soccer. But I can't say absolutely anything to the players, they put in a lot of good stuff again. There were goal situations, until that second goal by Joao that could be legal or not, beyond the referee's understanding, to put us ahead in the second half. I don't think there have been more than two or three shots from Granada again. It is clear that there is neglect, a lot, and that sadly makes us pay with defeats for parties that we do not deserve ».

Asked about his bad moment on the rojiblanco bench, the worst since he is coach of Atlético, Cholo was blunt: «It's a question that we did not find the victories that in some games we could have deserved. It's football, sometimes we win games that we don't deserve and now the opposite is happening to us. We have to clear our minds , quickly, be calm, work, correct situations, wait for the centrals that we are lacking and in great need to recover … And from there calmly, slowly, rearm this that has many good things. I have no doubt that the team has good things. With calm and balance we will move forward ». Regarding the merits of Granada, a club that added its second consecutive victory in the League and that sits in the middle of the table, Simeone acknowledged the victory of Moreno's team: “The first is a goal, at medium distance. Then he took advantage of our inattention in a counterattack to win a game that always when one scores two goals and the other one, is worthy of winning the game . Absolutely”.

Granada, on the rise

Darwin Machís , who equalized Joao Félix's initial goal with a goal from outside the area, also he analyzed the match after the final whistle. Contrary to what Koke and Cholo Simeone pointed out, the Venezuelan declared: « I have not seen Atlético superior , it was a match very even. These encounters, with great rivals, are decided by details. The goal? I usually have that shot and it worked out very well, it was a great goal. Very happy to be able to contribute my grain of sand ».

The other great protagonist of the Granada team was Jorge Molina, top scorer for the team with seven goals and scorer of the winning goal yesterday. « Jorge Molina is a born scorer . We are very happy to have him and we hope that he continues to score many goals for us, “concluded Machís. With this victory, Granada finished the year in twelfth position, seven points behind the relegation places, an area they occupied in the first weeks of the championship. After a new tense week in the Los Cármenes press room, Robert Moreno breathes .

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