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Shinji Mizushima Author of Baseball Manga “Dokaben” Passes Away at 82

(Closing Up to this level On: January 17, 2022)

Shinji Mizushima, a manga artist is named a leading baseball manga artist equivalent to “Dokaben” and ” Abu -san,” died of pneumonia on the 10th, became 82 years outmoded. The funeral became held by the family. The mourner is his wife Shuko.

Shinji Mizushima smiling alongside the Dokaben doll (April 18, 2005)

Born in Niigata prefecture . After graduating from junior highschool, whereas working at a seafood wholesaler, he posted to the rookie award and became chosen. After working on a manga for lease, “Men’s Aho Koshien ” (in accordance to the slack Mamoru Sasaki), which began serialization in 1970, became a hit. He started serializing ” Yakyukyo no Uta” and “Dokaben” in 1972, and “Abu-san” in 1973, opening up a novel horizon for baseball manga by depicting the psychology and play of avid gamers.

The masterpiece “Dokaben”, wherein many distinctive avid gamers equivalent to Taro Yamada, a catcher of stable shoulder bangs, Iwaoni of “disagreeable ball hitting”, and Toma of “secret hitting” regarded , moved the stage from highschool baseball to professional baseball and is accurate. The sequel became serialized for a long time with the avid gamers and the main characters of Mizushima’s thoroughly different works. The final version “Dream Match Edition”, which started in 2012 with Weekly Shonen Champion ( Akita Shoten ), ended in 2018.

Having a watch relief on the sequence’ crammed with 205 volumes and 46 years of writing, “46 years had been a long time, but I didn’t feel the dimensions. Surrounded by characters, I enjoyed drawing works each day,” the reader acknowledged in the same magazine. I sent a message to.”

Acknowledged as a Pacific League fan, “Abu-san,” a drinker’s pinch hitter, “Abu-san,” who is crammed with life in Yasutake Kageura , make clear the Pacific League, which became serene standard on the time and became overwhelmingly disagreeable to the Central League. In October 2009, when Abu-san, who became a member of Nankai, Daiei , Softbank and Hawks, ended his 37-year occupation as a player , a retirement ceremony became held at Yahoo Dome in Fukuoka City , his space of beginning. .. The 41-year serialization became done in 2014.

“Dokaben” and “Yakyukyo no Uta” absorb been made into movies and animations. In 2002, seven statues of characters equivalent to “Dokaben” stood in the shopping district of Niigata City and are gaining recognition. Medal with Purple Ribbon in 2005 .

He also leads the grass baseball crew and performs. There became also deep interplay with professional baseball avid gamers.

Source – Nikkan Sports activities & Asahi Shimbun

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