Shaq Wants John Oliver To Join Him And Tony The Tiger For Breakfast After Oliver Praised Their ‘Perfect’ Frosted Flakes Commercial

Shaquille O’Neal is a man of many brands — seriously, turn on your TV to any channel right now and Shaq will almost certainly show up during the next commercial break in some form or fashion. One ad that you have assuredly seen is this one, involving the big man and Tony the Tiger talking about how much they love Frosted Flakes:

Pretty good! Anyway, the commercial caught the attention of John Oliver, who in a web exclusive for Last Week Tonight said a bunch of good things about the exchange between the NBA champion and the fictional character who sells cereal. The gist: There isn’t enough cool cereal stuff happening right now, and the one exemption is this commercial. (Head to about the 1:32 mark for the start of the segment.)

Some things Oliver says about the ad: “Excellent,” “a perfect cereal commercial,” and “a more richly detailed cinematic universe than what Marvel has made in 13 f*cking years.” This is despite the fact that Oliver makes clear that he really does not like Frosted Flakes.

Anyway, the video sat on the internet for a few days before it caught Shaq’s attention, at which point the big fella offered an invitation to Oliver to come enjoy some cereal with himself and Tony.

I think I speak for everyone when I say John Oliver should take Shaquille O’Neal and Tony the Tiger up on this offer.