Seth Rogen’s Mom Slid Into His Replies After He Remarked Upon The Awkward Staging Of His Wax Figure


Less than a year ago, Seth Rogen published an autobiographical book full of essays, Yearbook, which contained truly wild stories about his celebrity encounters and friends, and somehow, he didn’t need to take a storytelling breather in order to, you know, gather up more stories. Nope, he quickly whipped out one of the best Paul Rudd stories of all time. Amid all of that, he made an outstanding point about cancel culture, and yup, it sure looks like Seth’s got more random entertainment to share with all of us.

On that note, Seth decided to post a photo of his statue at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He had a question, though. “I will never understand why,” the An American Pickle star tweeted. “[T]he Myrtle Beach wax museum has me in a tuxedo standing next to the Mona Lisa.”

That’s a fair thing to wonder about, but Seth’s mom, Sandy, who previously had a very mom-like statement about Yearbook, had a question, too: “Is that a wax you ?”

“Get with it mom!” Seth responded. Sandy wasn’t deterred, and this is delightful.

Well did you know there was a wax you .?

— Sandy Rogen (@RogenSandy) August 2, 2021

Man, I hope my kid is famous someday, so I can tweet these kinds of questions at her, too. Faux-embarrassment makes for a wonderful bonding experience!