Seth Rogen Got A Little Morbid About Those Unsettling Dancing Robots From Boston Dynamics


Seth Rogen’s coming down off the high (although he’s frequently, admittedly high) of ending his decade-long wait to tell an inappropriate story to Nick Kroll. That doesn’t mean that he’s resting on social media, though. Nope, the man who recently tweeted an amazing story about Paul Rudd secretly massaging him (that Rudd did not hesitate to confirm) still has plenty of energy. And he’s using that energy to hit home on why those Boston Dynamics robots might spell the doom of humanity.

It might be a little bit too early to think so seriously about dancing robots (and the below tweet did arrive late evening, so there’s that). Seriously though, Rogen’s got a solid point here. If these robots can dance up a storm, what would prevent them from going full Skynet? “It would actually be funny,” the An American Pickle star tweeted. “If they did… kill us all.”

In other words, these robots might not be as cute as they seem, and humanity shouldn’t be too surprised if some retaliation eventually comes down the line toward us.

We laugh now. However, years ago, someone made a parody video of robots being cruelly mistreated, which suggests that, you know, these robots could damn well retaliate against their masters one day. Really, one never knows what could go wrong with AI-powered hunks of metal. In a decade, these robots could be making all of us dance. And I know that not all of you out there dance very well. The horror, the horror.