‘Sea Of Thieves’ Is Getting A ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Expansion

When Sea of Thieves first released to the Xbox it was considered a huge disappointment for a lot of gamers. This was a game that was supposed to make many of our dreams of exploring the vast oceans as a pirate come true. Unfortunately, it was a little shallow with not much to do after the first few hours. However, everyone that stuck with the game has praised it for its post-launch support. These days there’s plenty to do and see in Sea of Thieves and it’s even better when you have a group of friends to play with.

During Xbox’s E3 showcase, Rare and Microsoft unveiled a new Sea of Thieves expansion that is going to make this the ultimate pirate game. A Pirates of the Caribbean expansion. Now players can explore the seas with Captain Jack Sparrow and maybe even save the world from curses, Davey Jones, and some original Rare specific plots — pretty impressive for a game that was considered a major disappointment at launch.

Sea of Thieves is an example of how we can no longer judge a video game at launch the way we used to. These titles are constantly under development and changing. Any game can become great with the proper support behind it and we’re all lucky that Xbox and Rare never gave up on Sea of Thieves.

This is also a great sign for Disney fans. Universes like Pirates of The Caribbean have largely been kept in the Disney sphere only. Allowing other franchises to use worlds like Pirates is great for video game fans as a whole because it creates infinite potential. There are so many cool and fun universes that video games can work with through Disney. Hopefully, this Sea of Thieves expansion is a success so we can see more like it in the future.