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Scream’s Neve Campbell And David Arquette Pick Which Characters They’d Like To See Return To The Franchise

Spoiler alert for Yowl! Beware must you haven’t viewed the new slasher.

Wes Craven’s customary 1996 Yowl movie modified the apprehension trend forever, and revitalized slashers for years yet to come. The universe became as soon as lately expanded with the 2022 sequel, which is currently the #1 movie on the field space of work. The new Yowl featured some shock returns, and Neve Campbell and David Arquette maintain picked which characters they’d retract to see return to the franchise.

The generations of Yowl followers were pleased that the true trio of heroes may perchance presumably be assist for the new sequel, but there maintain been extra legacy characters than we imagined. This integrated Billy Loomis, with Skeet Ulrich being de-former so he may perchance presumably seem in the visions of new protagonist Sam (Melissa Barrera). As you an gaze in the video above, I had the privilege of speaking with the solid sooner than Yowl’s initiating, the assign David Arquette published who he’d retract to see return, asserting:

Successfully, Dewey’s sister in spite of every little thing.

Successfully, that makes a colossal deal of sense. Tatum Riley became as soon as performed to pitch perfection by Rose McGowan in the true Yowl movie. And despite her iconic loss of life on the fingers of Ghostface, David Arquette would esteem to see his personality’s onscreen sister return to Woodsboro in a single technique or one more.

Clearly, eagle-eyed followers of the franchise will know that Tatum does rep a short look in the new Yowl…produce of. Due to when catching up with David Arquette’s Dewey, we gaze Tatum’s ashes in his trailer. So whereas Rose McGowan wasn’t in the new movie, she became as soon as positively acknowledged.

(Image credit: Paramount Photos)

Within the same interview, Neve Campbell dropped a few extra names for who may perchance presumably nonetheless return to Yowl. She also didn’t decide anyone who became as soon as in point of fact alive in-universe, in its assign selecting some classic (ineffective) characters. As she shared:

There’s consistently been focus on Stu. And then, Randy, no one needs to let Randy gallop. And now he has a niece and nephew in this movie. I feel because we consistently have to see some produce of Randy in the movie. So as that’s heavenly.

Solid choices. Jamie Kennedy and Matthew Lillard’s performances as Randy and Stu respectively were half of what made the true Yowl such an iconic movie. And whereas they were each connected to the new sequel, Neve Campbell would seemingly esteem to see the two OG’s return in a single technique or one more.

Clearly, Skeet Ulrich’s Billy wasn’t the supreme shock return in the new Yowl. Fans were pleased to see Yowl 3’s Heather Matarazzo assist as Martha Meeks aka Randy’s sister and the mum of newcomers Mindy and Chad.

Angry about how seriously and financially a success the new Yowl has been, perchance Neve Campbell and David Arquette may perchance presumably rep their casting needs in a possible sequel. The directors and producers of the movie are positively alive to, so we’ll have to see if Paramount strikes forward. Let’s preserve our fingers (and knives) crossed.

Yowl is in theaters now and persevering with to raze cash on the field space of work. Within the length in-between, take a look at up on the 2022 movie initiating dates to thought your subsequent movie trip. 

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