Samuel L. Jackson’s List Of His Five Favorite Samuel L. Jackson Movies Is Full Of Surprises

Samuel L. Jackson’s IMDb lists 196 credits for the 72-year-old actor, including approximately 47 Marvel movies but only one (1) Deep Blue Sea. He’s also been in the Star Wars prequels, Jurassic Park, The Incredibles and its sequel, and many Spike Lee films, beginning with 1988’s School Daze and most recently, 2015’s Chi-Raq. Also, some movie about snakes being on a plane. I don’t remember the title of it.

Anyway, it would be understandably difficult for Jackson to nary those nearly 200 credits down to his five favorite — I didn’t even mention his work with Quentin Tarantino — but that’s what he did during Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Do you ever watch Sam Jackson movies?” host Stephen Colbert asked his guest, who replied, “Uh, yeah.” It may seem like a silly question, but as Colbert pointed out, some actors refuse to watch themselves. “Some actors lie to you about that,” Jackson fired back. “They watch their movies. It’s a ‘watch me’ business… If I’m channel surfing and I haven’t found anything I want to watch, or not specifically looking for something, and I pass something I’m in, I stop and watch it.” The actor then revealed his personal top five.

The Long Kiss Goodnight

A Time To Kill

Jackie Brown

The Red Violin

One Eight Seven

There’s some deep cuts in there. Interestingly, those five films all came out between 1996 and 1998, leaving out recent highlights like xXx and xXx: State of the Union, where he plays a character named Augustus Eugene Gibbons. Jackie Brown wants what xXx has (Vin Diesel wearing this coat). Jackson also listed his five favorite movies overall, which you can watch in the video above (it begins around the 4:30 mark).