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Roronoa Zoro Bronze Statue Unveiled in Kumamoto, Japan

(Final Up-to-the-minute On: January 23, 2022)

Roronoa Zoro is with out doubt one of many fundamental characters of One Fraction with millions of followers all across the realm. The day prior to this, on 22nd January 2022 Zoro obtained its bronze statue in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan. Zoro is the 1st mate of Straw Hat Luffy who is on the total identified as “Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro” with over 300 million berries bounty. 

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Furthermore, Zoro is the ninth member of the Strawhats who obtained his bronze statue. Characters admire Luffy, Sanji, Ussop, Robin, and others gain already obtained one bronze statue in Japan. All these statues are located in Kumamoto, Japan and these statues are produced by the Kumamoto Executive. Oyabun Jinbe can be the next one to safe his bronze statue within the year 2022 or later. 

Why produce StrawHat’s gain their bronze statue in Kumamoto? 

Kumamoto is the birthplace of Eiichiro Oda, the creator and mangaka of One Fraction manga. In 2016, there modified into once a substantial earthquake in Japan and Kumamoto modified into once carefully broken. Eiichiro Oda donated 800 million yen to Kumamoto which is 1.7 million in American Greenbacks. 

Villagers gain a edifying time in this closing date admire a festival, practising kondo, and dancing on the theme of One Fraction. In Kumamoto, every statue gets a Pokemon Terminate within the Pokemon Move game alongside with Roronoa Zoro. Properly, you are going to also additionally witness the inauguration of the statue on YouTube.

Source: One Fraction Twitter, and One Fraction YouTube

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