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Robbie Williams puts three Banksy works up for auction

  • The paintings 'Girl with Balloon', 'Kissing Coopers' and 'Vandalised Oils (Choppers)' they will be on display at Sotheby's New York for six days. They will then be exhibited in Hong Kong and London, where they will be sold on March 2

The musician Robbie Williams, who has amassed a great fortune from record sales and concerts, will put up for auction three of the best-known works by the British artist Banksy, on March 2, As Sotheby's bidding house has pointed out this Thursday.

Through a statement, the aforementioned company has explained that these are versions of the graffiti 'Girl with Balloon', which shows a girl with his hand outstretched toward a heart-shaped balloon blowing in the wind; 'Kissing Coopers', two British police officers kissing; and 'Vandalised Oils (Choppers)', where two military helicopters appear over a bucolic landscape.

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The three paintings in the 'Angels' performer's art collection are expected to sell for a total of e between 7 and 10 million pounds sterling. “These works unite the cultural legacies of two of Britain's biggest stars: Robbie Williams and Banksy”

, has declared Hugo Cobb at Sotheby's. “As their creator and as their owner, they are scathing, iconic, irreverent and unique”.

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The musician has stated that he believed his three Banksys were some of his best paintings and “I love how closely linked they are with the pieces on the street” and added: “As a collector of the work of Banksy, you become part of a larger cultural movement.”

The three works will be exhibited at Sotheby's New York for six days. They will then be exhibited in Hong Kong and later in London, where the auction will take place on March 2.

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