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Rising of the Shield Hero Reveals Kyo Ethnina’s Real Isekai Origins

Kyo’s real origins emerge in Episode 12. He is like a dark mirror of Naofumi– a temporal transformed villain in a new dream realm.

The final battle versus the foul-mouthed villain Kyo Ethnina reaches its orgasm in Shield Hero Episode 12, right after Kyo created his very own fabricated Wave near completion of Episode 11. While Kizuna as well as her pals L’Arc, Glass and Therese encounter the Waves’ monsters, Naofumi’s own adventure team storms Kyo’s hideout.

This sequence also broadens upon Kyo’s real origins as an isekai villain, and not simply in regards to his childhood with Yomogi the swordswoman. Much like Naofumi, Kyo actually hails from Earth and when obtained himself isekai would certainly to L’Arc Berg’s globe, where he became the Vassal Book Hero. It’s not just the heroes who can get isekai ‘d– bad guys are level playing field as well.

The very first couple of scenes of Shield Hero Episode 12 draw some interesting and unexpected parallels between Naofumi and Kyo. Even if these personalities are bitter opponents as well as have extremely different methods in this dream world, they have some common ground. Nonetheless, instead of making Kyo supportive, these parallels illustrate exactly how various they are, seeing exactly how differently they ended up once they got isekai would certainly to another world. Having a typical beginning point does not ensure the exact same outcome.

In the recall, Kyo is revealed as an egotistic, hostile, unpopular person that might be good at games however is even much better at making a negative perception on others, to the factor where other players want him prohibited from game servers. His video gaming life implies everything to pre-isekai Kyo, and after he experiences as well much online ostracization and widespread disapproval, he feels that he has nothing to live for any type of longer.

In the present day, Kyo battles to the bitter end versus both Naofumi as well as the green-haired mage Rishia Ivyred, both of whom Kyo severely criticizes as well as buffoons as heroes. Kyo provokes Naofumi’s feared Wrath Shield, only for the power of friendship to take over, as well as Naofumi uses it to defeat Kyo as soon as and for all.

To begin with, Kyo’s backstory proves that being isekai ‘d right into one more world never assures that the person will certainly become a noble hero, or perhaps a pleasant rogue. Generally, isekai anime just have the main personality get here from Earth, and obviously, lead characters are at least somewhat worthy, if not excellent lead characters. Examples vary from Katarina Claes to Rimuru Tempest as well as Leon Bartfort, and also now, Iwatani Naofumi.

Kyo’s story negates this fad, illustrating an Earth denizen who lost his life, just to end up even worse in an isekai world instead of beginning over as a hero. A lot of isekai leads take this opportunity to live a much better life as remarkable individuals, but not Kyo.

Kyo’s defeat in the battle against Naofumi elevates another question: is he genuinely dead? Maybe Kyo actually obtained himself destroyed in Episode 12, and also he has thus died two times. Offered Kyo’s sorrowful individuality, goals as well as approaches, no anime fan would be disturbed concerning his death. Still, there is no warranty– probably he somehow got born-again back on Earth, because his isekai body is dead as well as his soul has nowhere to go. If so, it’s feasible that Kyo obtained born-again as an infant in Japan and also has therefore skilled isekai in both instructions. For all the wrong factors, he may be a true isekai trendsetter, yet at least he’s not Naofumi’s trouble any much longer.

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