Richard E. Grant Wisely Demands A Classic Loki And Alligator Loki Spinoff: ‘Get It Done’


After Loki Episode 5, “Journey into Mystery,” dropped last week, it wasn’t hard to pinpoint the two breakout characters who absolutely blew fans’ minds: Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki and the hand-biting lizard trickster, Alligator Loki. While the other Variants who appeared in The Void were great and all, Classic Loki and his reptilian colleague easily stole the show, and Grant is wisely striking while the iron is hot.

During a new interview on how the veteran actor found himself donning the comic book accurate Loki tights and delivering a show-stopping scene, Grant didn’t waste an opportunity to announce that he’s game for a spinoff series starring Classic and Alligator Loki. Heck, he practically demanded it.

Via Collider:

Is there anything else on your bucket list? Are there other franchises, and/or other fantasy costumes you want to wear?

GRANT: Classic old Loki with muscles and Alligator-dot-com, the subseries of the sub-sub-sub series. That’s what I want.

Given the audience reaction to Alligator Loki, I think that there would be a fan base for that.

GRANT: Yeah and classic Loki is the only one that can talk to him and understand him. It’s a given. It’s a scriptwriter’s dream. Get it done.

Of course, Grant’s instincts are spot-on. While Marvel fans clamored for more classic comic book costumes thanks to Grant’s performance, Alligator Loki’s popularity also instantly sky-rocketed following Episode 5’s debut with some calling him the Baby Yoda of the MCU. Slapping the two Variants together is a no-brainer at this point.

(Via Collider)